Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chris Rock. View on love and relationships

This may be a little over the top and a little vulgar but really funny. Those that do not like the 'F' word, don't click it.

Bar advice. Sometimes we need to hear the stuff the way it should be told by Chris Rock. Sometimes humour tells it in a clearer way for us to see and hear what we really think.

Happily ever after

In fairy tales we have all heard the words, 'and they lived happily ever after'. well nobody really does, do they? Even the rich can't say that. Remember, more money more problems.

I have seen the pain people experience after the honeymoon is over, when they awaken realizing they have married a mere mortal. I hope people that enter adulthood, will avoid the pitfalls and pain of those who succumb to this "happily ever after" myth. here's a couple of key points for real lasting love.

1. Stop blaming. Start living.
It is our responsibility, and not our partner's, to feel better and to heal. Our partner will be responsible to us, but not for us. So it's useful, instead of blaming our partner, to ask ourselves these two questions, "Why did I draw this person into my life?” and “What is it that I need to learn from this?” Within a good marriage, we grow up.

2. Avoid the fixer-upper syndrome.
We think we can fix our partner and shape them into perfection. Our version of perfection. So many people marry for potential. Never marry potential. Marry for safety, the safety between two people who accept one another faults and all.

3. Make a promise to keep our integrity.
Do not hold onto victim hood like a prize. This doesn't allow us to grow. Work on behaviors that make our partner want to change by being kind and loving. Vent our feelings, without being out of control. If we are in a relationship that does not have mutual respect, over time we may need professional help. Preferably, we would seek that help with our partner.

4. Eliminate attack thoughts.
These types of thoughts are incredibly destructive over time. If we attack other people, ourselves and our thoughts, it really interferes with our happiness and peace of mind.Learn to find the joy, even in difficult times. As Mother Theresa once said, "Our best protection is a joyful heart."

5. Do not hold onto anger.
Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. Turn attack thoughts into constructive thoughts and actions. Think thoughts that are appreciative of ourselves and our partner. And express those thoughts often. When we build an emotional bank account full of positive thoughts, we have positive emotional currency to counter with when angry times come.

6. Wake up, without makeup.
On soap operas I’ve seen women wake up first thing in the morning with all their makeup on, false eyelashes and all. That is not the real world. What women need to do for a successful marriage is to learn to be more and more real. What woman need to do for a successful marriage is learn to feel more and more safe to be who we truly are. Men have to realize that beauty is more than skin deep. If she can remove her make up in front of you then you are special to her.

7. Wake up and make up.
It is essential that couples learn to repair and heal after every fight. Find solutions. Do not get stuck rehashing the past. Live in the present, and find ways to keep the marriage buoyant and alive. Happy couples learn how to repair differences. Best thing really is try to never go to bed angry.

8. To change our relationship.
The place to start is with changing ourselves first. Better to reinvent ourselves, because we are not going to be able to change our partner. Learn to love in a mature way without trying to control or manipulate. C.S. Lewis once said, "To love without control or manipulation is to be surprised by joy." We will truly be surprised by joy when we can live in the moment with our partner. And within ourselves.

Bar advice. Remember that before you met your partner he or she had their own life, dreams, hopes, joy, sadness, shortcomings, downfalls, work, business, dilemmas, pains, loss of love ones, happiness, etc. what I'm getting at is you had the same as well. Now when two people are together they should work at it to have the feel of 'happily ever after'.

Monday, March 26, 2007

手袋 Handbags at Amazon

Just to show that these bags are probably making some of the girls drool already. The difference in prices are also crazy. Fashion may drive people to want these things but others end up stealing them just to have it. It's what the magazines and celebrities show that makes people do those things. Don't be roped into this sort of material craze that you end up paying the price for it later.

Go with what your budget can afford. There's alot of stuff out there that looks really good. It may not be Prada but it could look just as good for a lot less. Think about the money you waste that could go into getting useful stuff.

Bar advice. If you really want to then slowly save and get it but keep it properly and use it only for special occasions. Tip for you ladies, buy it in black. Why? It goes with every outfit.

手袋 Handbags

Most women absolutely love handbags. Something which is a bit of a mystery to men. Some women spend thousands of dollars a time on that perfect handbag, so just what is it that drives women to spend so much on such a small, material thing?

It’s All About Fashion!

Handbags have the ability to finish the look of every single outfit. It is completely possible (and for some women a must!), to buy a handbag to suit every single outfit that they own. There is no doubt that celebrities have set the craze, with A-list stars such as Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker, all out and about daily with a new, flashy bag on their arm.

However, a handbag is not just for fashion purposes. A lot of them are an absolute must for business women. They have to be able to carry important files, make-up and all the latest business tech stuff, which means that the handbag has to be practical! This has led to a huge range of stylish yet practical bags by top designers such as ‘Louis Vetton’, ‘Miu Miu’, and ‘Valentino’.

Handbags really can make a girl feel special and they help to create a look. Whether you are going for an urban chic look, or a girlie girl look, there is a bag out there to suit you. They also ooze confidence and a woman with a stylish handbag generally sends out a confident message.

Many women’s handbag addictions are getting so out of control that they are running out of room in their closet. However, if you fall into this category too, there really is no need to worry. Some companies have designed special handbag holders which basically hang up and you can fit at least six handbags on them!

Bar advice. Handbags are more than likely going to remain popular. Only women can understand how important they are in every day life. So guys,if you really want to spoil the woman in your life, buy her a handbag today!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

卹 Compassionate Listner.

It is difficult to become a good listener who both validates the pain of the other, while maintaining the ability to look at themselves. Each person must listen compassionately to themselves and each other.

Within many relationships, rather than engaging in compassionate listening, many couples polarize. One partner is the voice of reason, the head, while the other partner is the voice of emotion, the heart. These patterns often create communication problems, which hardly begins to touch on the angst that can be felt between couples.

While, listening with both our hearts and our heads is valuable, neither is complete by itself, because listening with both makes one complete person. Someone who uses just their head while listening is using their intellect and knowledge, and when used individually, without the hearts part, it can be cold and indifferent. When listening with just the heart compassion turns into confused feelings.

A compassionate listener is someone who listens with both their head and their heart.

Here are traits of a compassionate listener:

They are commited to listening.

They have the intention of understanding, as deeply as possible, the message and concerns of others.

They seek to understand the reality of another through both compassion and understanding.

They refrain from verbal and nonverbal judgments.

They are physically and mentally ready to listen.

They validate their understanding of the other's reality before expressing their opinion.

They create a balance between their head and their heart.

They remain present and are in the here and now.

They are open to new learning experiences about their own behaviors.

They self-evaluate and can laugh at themselves.

Bar advice. It's not easy when one is in a difficult relationship buta good listner becomes a good communicator. Patience, love and understanding are important but communication makes it work.

Tom Green flirts with Sameera Reddy


I just had to show this You Tube clip of her to show the maganetism of this lovely young actress. Note how she makes everyone feel good and she is so approachable. Tom Green was so captivated by Sameera Reddy and was won over by her great smile and friendliness.

Bar advice. Some people, celebrity or not, are just nice. Sure they can have a 'bad' day like all of us but it's nice to know that there are celebs that are 'down to earth' too. Well looking hot helps as well.

Bollywood at the bar.

I've been busy because there was a preparation for a party at the bar. The one thing that I did not know was that there was going to be a celebrity there that night. When I first saw Sameera Reddy she looked familiar but I wasn't sure. I later found out from one of the guys at the party who she was.

I'm not really a Bollywood movie buff. I've seen several films. Have to read the subtitles to know what's going on but women from India are hot on screen. Hollywood, their rival, does have a lot of great women as well but the fact is Bollywood makes more films in a year then Hollywood can. The latter, of course, has the bigger budget and make far better films but every once in a while Bollywood comes out with one great film as well.

Sameera is a new actress on the scene. Some of her movies include Naksha ( Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Sameera Reddy, Jackie Shroff)Musafir ( Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Sameera Reddy, Koena Mitra, Mahesh Manjrekar)Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. I know that she went to film in London and it was a sort of exchange with Emma Button (Spice girls) to do a BBC special on lifestyles of celebrities or something like that.

Back to Sameera. When I spoke to her she was very pleasant. Smiling and allowed me to take a picture with her with my phone. It was really bad too as the pixels weren't that great.She had some pimples on her face, normal for a young lady, but her smile shines through. I found her to be really nice and friendly. First Bollywood star that I've met and it was great. She mingled with the rest of the people there and had quite a number of drinks. It seems she loves a special kind of Japanese liquor drink with plums in it. I can't remember the name though.

I've met other celebrities before but she had to be the friendliest that I've seen up close. She may not be the biggest star around but still. Anyway, she get's 5 stars from me for just being nice and normal.

Bar advice. Most people in this world are just like you and me. Normal. It's the media that makes them untouchable. Well maybe some of their egos as well, but, not all are like that. Last night I met a sweet, lovely young lady who happens to be Sameera Reddy from Bollywood.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

感觉满意 Feeling satisfied

Aristotle once said happiness is the 'desire behind all other desires'. To feel happy is to feel fulfilled, content, at peace and utterly satisfied. And as it turns out, the majority, about 77 percent of us, are either extremely or somewhat happy with our lives in general.

Still, many of us strive to reach even a fair level of satisfaction in our lives, yet end up falling short and looking for more. For those still struggling to find contentment, what is the key to getting there?

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not making money, it’s not going shopping, it’s not even enjoying a good meal. What it is is surrounding yourself with experiences that create what the relatively new field of positive psychology has coined as 'flow'.

Finding 'Flow' in Your Life, and Why You Need it to Feel Happy

'Flow' is the elated feeling you experience when you’ve just had a completely gratifying experience. According to the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center, “Engaging in an experience that produces ‘flow’ is so gratifying that people are willing to do it for its own sake, rather than for what they will get out of it. The activity is its own reward.”

This may sound rather abstract, but it’s not. There are very specific ways to reach the feeling of 'flow', and they include:

• Having a purpose: Engaging in a challenging activity that your skills are suited for
• Using your skills to pursue a clear goal
• Getting immediate feedback on progress toward the goal
• Maintaining clear markers of achievement toward your goal

In other words, engaging yourself in activities that are challenging, that give you purpose, and that you get positive feedback from (meaning you are successful at them) is key to feeling fulfilled.

When you think about this scenario, you realize that it can be applied to just about anything in your life. Career is the obvious one, but it also expands to your personal relationships, fitness level, self-fulfillment, organization, even planning a vacation or planting a garden.

In such an activity, concentration is fully engaged in the moment, self-awareness disappears, and sense of time is distorted, according to the Positive Psychology Center.

Finding Your Focus

To find the activities that will give you 'flow', or, perhaps to make it so that every activity you engage yourself in makes you feel satisfied, it is necessary to first release negative, self-sabotaging emotions. These feelings, such as fear, anger, guilt, anxiety or sadness, do nothing but hold us back, and you can only feel truly free to surround yourself with love, happiness, and peace when you let them go.

Letting go of negativity is much easier than it sounds but scientifically proven to help you release negative thoughts and behaviors and, in their place, create a solid, positive mental attitude.

Studies have also found that the following acts also contribute to feelings of satisfaction, elation and happiness.

• Express gratitude often
• Do good deeds for others
• Keep an optimistic attitude
• Use your strengths toward something of importance (such as tutoring, cleaning up the environment or volunteering at a charity)

Bar advice.To keep yourself feeling good and satisfeied with life at this moment. Help someone else. You'll see that what you give returns to you ten fold. Don't do it in anticipation of rewards but for bringing joy to others and in turn you will receive as well.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pleasing a woman

It’s not what you think! It's not about where to kiss or lick or rub or how hard or how fast. Its not about harder, longer erections (although those are also very nice!) A woman's body and her responses are so changeable. What pleased her last week does nothing for her tonight.

Many men learn about women's sexuality from pornography. I have nothing against pornography and I quite enjoy some pornography myself. But, the depiction of women's sexuality in pornography is simply not accurate. Many women compound this lack of information by expecting her man to know how to please her without telling him. You can encourage her to communicate with you. You can also learn to expand your consciousness so that you can sense what she desires without her telling you in words.

She needs your full attention. She needs to trust that you are there with her with your complete presence. If your mind wanders to your car or your career or the bills due at the end of the month, she can feel it and she loses trust.

Improving your ability to please a woman is very like learning to play a musical instrument. It takes practice, patience and experience to make beautiful music. You master the basics before moving on to advanced techniques. Here are some good basic practices for you to start with. Learning to please a partner with Tantric teachings starts with practices you do by yourself. While pleasuring yourself, expand your attention to your entire body. Your toes and fingers and top of your head and everything in between. When you can do this at the height of arousal, expand your consciousness to your entire body and to your surroundings, noise from the street, light in the room, air temperature, the bed against your back, the trees seen through the window. Next, do these consciousness practices with your partner. And, finally, expand your consciousness to your entire body, your surroundings and your partner’s body as she experiences being in it at each moment. If your mouth is on her breast, imagine how it feels to have a breast and feel someone’s mouth on it. When you master this expansion of consciousness, you will simply know without effort what she wants from you in any moment.

Send energy into her body with your mind.

Tantra teaches us that a man yearns to empty himself out and a woman yearns to be filled up. There are many ways to do this in addition to the physical sex act. You can penetrate a woman with your consciousness, your energy and your attention before or while you penetrate her with parts of your body. The practice in the above paragraph is one way to do this. As you expand your consciousness to include her body as she experiences being in it, you penetrate with your energy. She will feel the difference! She may not be aware of why, but she will feel more trust and connection. She will feel more alive. Another wonderful practice is to use your mind to send energy into her body through your fingers. Imagine that there is a fire in your hand (which there is!) and think about sending the warmth and light from that fire into her body.

And finally, be aware that a woman experiences her sexuality and emotions very differently from a man. I believe very strongly in letting men be men and letting women be women and celebrating the differences and the gifts that we bring to each other. But I also believe it is helpful to understand these differences. For a man, sex and love are very separate experiences. A man can learn to connect his heart and sexual energy if he wishes and there are benefits to this. For a woman, love and sex are much more naturally linked. When you take a woman in your arms, remember that she is experiencing that time with you with her heart as well as her sexual body.

Bar advice. If you really want to know more. I suggest you really got to start to find out what it takes. Sometimes it's best for both people to explore these things together. Get a video, books or other resources, then when you have got more info. Practice. A lot.

星期二Tuesdays with Morrie

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom is a heart warming book on some of life's most important lessons. It is a short and easy read. Yet it leaves an after effect on us all, reminding us to fully live each day. Morrie and Mitch are inspiring characters and the book as a whole deserves five stars as a must read that you'll never forget.

Very well written and you can feel every emotion imaginable while reading it. Well deserved of all of its acclaim.

Bar advice. This is a true life story. If you get the chance to see it on TV ( Hallmark) then do so. It circles around everyone and Jack Lemmon plays a wonderful Morrie. It may bring tears to your eyes.

Is life a test?

I rarely ever remember a dream. Even when I can remember what I was dreaming about when I have to get up for a drink or bathroom break in the middle of the night, I have forgotten all about it by morning.

However, last night I was dreaming about taking a test. I am not sure the subject of the test. I do remember feeling under pressure and I was struggling a bit with the content of the test.Now, I have taken my share of tests in the past and can recall having these types of dreams while in college; but, why now?I jotted down a few notes before going back to bed and did my best to decipher this brain spark this morning.I am into several projects right now in which I am under the microscope, so to speak. But, am I? Is this all in my head? Do I bring all this pressure on myself?


I try to be the best I can be; mentally, physically, and financially. I try to learn as much as possible to improve my abilities in these areas. This is great as long as I don't spend so much time trying to improve me that it harms my life in these same areas; i.e. stress, family, friends, health, etc.

We all see the "burn-out" in the self-improvement entrepreneur; the sacrifices made in the "important things" in life such as relationships and peace of mind.Peace of mind should be a top priority for mental, physical, and financial success. Living life as some sort of constant test will hamper this process.Realizing that progress is a "you vs. you" phenomenon and that you don't have to please someone else on a day to day basis is a great start.

Bryan Tracy, in his audio series from Nightingale Conant entitled "Action Secrets for Personal Achievement," talks about the need for certain people to get the approval of others. He calls this a symptom of Type "A" behavior.

Here are some of the other type "A" symptoms:

Having a sense of urgency to do more and more in less and less time.

Volunteering for more and more work at the office.

Feeling under pressure to get activities accomplished.

Being obsessed with your performance and having high standards for such performance.

The type "A" personality feel like they have never done enough.

Compare self with others.

More concerned with things than with people.

Brings home work.

Talks about the boss, what the boss said, what the boss did… wants to please the boss at all times.

Has a sense of hostility towards those he or she feels to be competing against.

Type "A's" cannot admit that they are not in control.

If you fall into any of the above categories, making a decision to change may be a great first step. This decision involves trying to relax and still be productive and effective without the added stress we type "A's" like to impart.

There are two things that have worked in the past for me (and my clients) that I am going to focus on after this "wake–up call."One is a daily exercise plan. Even when I am on the road, I usually do some exercise daily, but, there are times I get in a rut and don't focus on my planning and execution of a said workout. A daily routine helps relieve stress and will bring out creativity and problem solving abilities like no other activity!It is a "reality check" for me as well. Things are brought into a better perspective after a good workout, no matter how long the workout is.

The second concept is practicing daily solitude. This could be a twenty minute walk, a power relaxation, almost nap, hanging out on a park bench, etc. This is a time to let your mind 'go' and let your subconscious work on goals, problems, and/or ideas that are filling your head. It's "mind-cleansing" if you will.This is a time when you just sit back and take in the world, usually outside in a fairly secluded place without interruptions. I sometimes think about a couple of goals or issues in my life ahead of time, then sit back and let my brain work on things.

I tend to find some answers to problems as well as some pretty great ideas to take back to work with me. They not only help me achieve goals, but relieve stress at the same time. These two activities alone have probably added years to my life and help me through some potentially stressful times.

Thus, the reason for my dream. I have been in situations recently in which I feel the need to "prove" myself. I am living my life as a series of test, daily. I have felt out of sorts, not myself, lacking confidence.All brought on by myself.

One other aspect of things is, what's going on at home and in your relationship. Be it if you're married, single or just with the people that are related to you in the same house. You have to add that part in as well to make it full circle otherwise you end up being a 'burn out' in life.

Bar advice. Remember to take time out for yourself. Health and happiness is more important than the other stuff that you may think you want. Money. What's the use of having it if you're too sick or dying to spend it? One last thing. Ask yourself,"Is there going to be anyone caring about the fact that I'm dead or alive"? Who will be around when it's your time to go or will anyone be bothered or even miss you at all?

Seven Principals of making marriage work

A friend of mine bought this book originally and I then promptly bought copies for everyone I know! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is based on research so is very objective, is easy to read and offers practical advice as well as short quizzes that are helpful as far as offering ways to move forward.

Bar advice.I cannot think of any married or indeed single person for whom this book would not be helpful!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Judging by appearance外觀

Based on the choice of clothing women can be divided into two categories. Those who dress for others and those who dress for themselves.

The amount of clothes people have does not matter in the slightest. However, it is easy to judge a woman based on the amount of quality clothes in her wardrobe. Linen clothes do not make an exception as linen is one of the most ecological of all existing materials.

Lithuania has a very old flax cultivation tradition. Flax is closely associated with women here, to the extent that flax used to be called the women’s plant and women’s existence was closely related to that of flax. Women used to spin flax, weave linen and use it for a good many household chores. They used to die linen with all sorts of natural colours using cherry leaves to produce blue, flax flowers to produce red and apple tree skin to produce green.

The role of women as artists should not be underestimated either. They all wore self made linen clothes that reflected their spiritual and creative visions. The bed covers, table cloths, and towels exhibited at contemporary ethnographical museums continue to fascinate us by the impressive techniques used to make them as well as artistic qualities such as the subtle harmony of ornaments and colours.

One should not believe that linen clothes are worn only where the material itself is produced. Having long spread all over the world and valued for its hygienic qualities, linen is more and more widely used by clothes producers. Today one has a choice between original designer models and mass produced trousers, skirts and tunics. Many think that linen clothes can only be worn in summer. Contemporary technologies allow for the production of mixed materials, such as especially highly valued combination of wool and linen. Linen makes it resistant and wool makes it warm. Trousers or suits made of this material are perfectly suitable to wear in winter too.

Bar advice. Ladies, every time you think of treating yourself to a new piece of clothing, remember that it is not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Don’t forget, you are first judged by your appearance.

Pussycat Dolls娃娃

Bar advice. Lot's of people make noise about their dressing and sexy outfits. The image is a little strong but I think that these are strong girls, especially the lead pussycat Nicole, that are out to have fun and make their mark in the world at this young age becuause they don't know what may happen to them in the future. There are other artist that have come and gone and we never hear from them again. Let's just enjoy these gals.

Back blogging again

I was having some difficulties with the PC and at work in the bar so haven't been able to add to the blog for a while. Anyway things were a little hectic trying to sort out the Internet marketing business that I'm in.

Busy or not, I just had to get back to this quickly. Those reading may be wondering what happened to me. Recently met a nice girl and 'No' didn't find her on friendfinder or anything like that. Just met her at the bar and we got to talk. She was kind of hot and one thing led to another and we ended up in each others arms. She is from the Philippines. Educated and very business orientated. She told me how she was doing business over the Internet and found it a little hard. That's very true actually but some like My Money Dragon aren't. There's also the OTO Goldmine and Megabooster that can make you money quite easily. If you know Google then you can use Adsense on your site like the ones on the right of this blog or you can join the Adwords Miracle that can make you a small fortune as well.

If you don't know, affiliate marketing, is worth a look into. What is affiliate marketing? Well, basically it's the selling of other peoples stuff. You join their company and get a share of the profits. All you got to do is promote the replicated website with your code on it and earn the cash.Let's say you joined Anbes ( Brest serum) and wanted to make money. all you had to do is join the affiliate site and when people buy from your replicated site or if people join through your site, you'll make money. It's that simple and best of all affiliate sites are free.

After telling her all these things, I kind of got her a little confused. That's because she didn't know there was so many ways to earn money on the Internet.Getting back to her. She was only here for two days and we had a great time. I know people think that if you're from the Philippine or one of the other South East Asian countries then there's going to be a problem. Some people are not like that and with the experience that I have I can tell if someone is out to play me or not. This girl seemed to have her head on her sholders and was really interested to get the info to improve herself. It's always good to see people trying to better themselves and their lives.

Bar advice 律師忠告 . Trying to improve one's self is far better than moping about it. get off your ass and help yourself. Dreaming about making things better and actually doing it are two different things. I gave you examples of some of them earlier. Start somewhere.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Warren's Singapore

I had to just add this guy that I know who's name is Warren. I met him at the bar and we exchanged links to our site but at the time I did not have this blog.

Well he is American that has been living around here for sometime now and been in the regional countries as well. His site, Warrens Singapore is really something. He gets down to the nuts and bolts of conversation instead of making it a website.


Bar advice. This is a nice fun site that takes you to a different perspective of Singapore but be fair warned. There is some ex-rated pictures at the end of the site so if you're not into that or don't want to see the 'real Asia', don't click there.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can Sex be good for you guys?

Erotic exercise is the best exercise you can give yourself and your partner. Erotic exercise involves the contraction of muscles in your arms, legs and abdomen. This is the same kind of workout you get at a gym. Now which exercise do you prefer?

Sexual exercise will always make sex a lot better and keep you feeling fantastic mentally and physically. Having sex two or more times a week can lower the risk of a heart attack over the course of ten years than men who have sex less often. (2005 Journal Of Epidemiology and Community Health.)

Erotic Exercise will improve your cardiovascular into a better physical condition. This will improve a happier heart.

Frequent ejaculation(April 17th, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association), might help protect your prostate from cancer. Ejaculating regularly could lower risk of cancer because cancer causing substances get flushed out of the body instead of staying in the prostate. Well than makes a lot of sense to me. Guys, please don't go masturbating every day because of this. Save it for the real act of love making.

Sexual activity is a great stress reliever. Satisfying sex can exhilarate a mood to high levels. Orgasm releases tension. Sex is a vigorous form of exercise. Having two or more orgasms every week, you will live a better life than those who only have a orgasm fewer than once a month. How sad is that?

Bar advice. Get going with your Erotic exercise. It doesn't get better than this. Remember. Sex can be good for your health. If you don't want my advice on it, well then, stay away from sex. Which would you rather be doing?

Adding some spice to what you got.

Life is made of many things that we either love or hate. All of us are busy trying to get as much as possible of the things we love and to avoid those we hate, Relationships, however, are among the rare things that are entirely up to us. Relationships can be wonderful or hateful. It’s the feeling between the partners, the experience and the chemistry that count. If you love the other and know enough about yourself and the world to avoid mistakes then you’ll have a fine relationship. If you and your partner are also satisfied with each other in bed, then heaven is one step away.

Exploration is one of the keys to the kingdom of love. You have to know how to do it and how to time it. Don’t leave it out of the relationship or it will go stale. Don’t rush it either or pretty soon there’ll be nothing left to explore. Wanting to know your partner inside out is fine, but don’t try to learn it all in the first three months. This is a process you can spread over a couple of years, leaving little secrets for future discoveries and preparing surprises for your partner.

The same goes for sex and its role in relationships. For some people, sex is the great catalyst that binds a relationship and makes it good. It’s the act that ends all fights and makes everything seem perfect for a while. For others, sex is a pleasant, but not overly so, pastime, a sort of bonus to the relationship. No chance of it being the main course here.

Regardless of what you want sex to be in the relationship, this act of physical pleasure should benefit from the passion to explore that we have discussed above. Many men and women who say sex is a modern obsession that should be given no more than its proper place in a relation have little idea of what sex could be. The combinations of moves and positions available for both foreplay and sex are practically unlimited and the pleasure of sustained exploration for things that could further enhance the experience for both partners is like buying a hot new car and finding a case full of money in the trunk.

Another thing, we know that searching for tips and tricks and hints may be a difficult business. Many people don’t have the time for this, especially in today’s busy world. A thorough knowledge of sexual techniques is ideal for men and women looking for the ultimate sensual experience and we could all use a guide or list of tips every once in a while. A lot of us have fantasies and fetishes that may or may not turn the other one on but you never know till it's discussed. if you're into one thing surely the other 'may' be possible. Communication is the key.

Bar advice.Whether you’re looking for the ancient Indian techniques described in the Kama Sutra, toys for sweet sex games or just some tips on how to convince your partner to go along with a fantasy, communication will bring more into the relationship than you can imagine.Start doing it today and you’ll be a better lover in no time at all.

Monday, March 5, 2007

5 Myths about Women - Dating Advice for Alpha Men

Bar advice.I hope that this help you guys out. Carlos Xuma may not be able to help all of you and some of you guys may not apply everything but it's better to be armed with this then be alone every weekend. Don't you think?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

First date conversations

The most dreaded thing during first dates, aside from choosing what clothes to wear, is what to say on your first real eye to eye conversation. You can’t really help it when you turn all giddy on first date. It’s a natural thing.

There’s only one rule to first date conversations. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Stop being overly anxious and suppress all signs of nervousness Appear relaxed, confident and at ease. Get the thought of rejection out of your head and avoid negative speculations. Think good thoughts, this can also help you exude a positive aura that always adds charm to your personality.

Silence can be your worst enemy on first dates, it makes me cringe just thinking about it. It can make one jump into the brink of nervousness and say things that you wish you hadn’t said. If you think the conversation will lead to some dead air, you can make little distractions like slowly sipping your drink. This would give you those precious split seconds to think of something creative to say to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

There are a number of great subjects that can jump start a conversation. Make a quick observation of the person you are dating. If she’s the intellectual type, current events can be a good topic to start with. Talk about your present jobs and how happy or discontented you are with your career. Along that line you can also talk about your past schools and funny experiences you might want to share. Ask your date about her hobbies and what interests her. Always add some comments or a follow-up question to keep the conversation moving forward. Guys you got to remember to shut up at some point and let her do some of the talking. Remember it's suppose to be a conversation, you're not there to give a lecture and she's not your psychiatrist to listen to your problems.

Those popular “what’s-your-favorite?” questions shouldn't’t be missed. You can really get to know a person’s personal taste with this type of question. Since everyone generally loves traveling, you can also talk about your past leisure trips and some of the vacation spots you fancy. Of course, your date would share his or her own thoughts of a dream holiday as well, and who knows, you might even end up having a vacation together.

One can tell a good date from a bad date on the basis of how the conversation on your first date went. Be prepared and have a mental list of the possible things you can talk about. The key to a successful first date is to be yourself and as long as you can do that, everything else will follow. Women always look into the eyes of men so guys try to let her see the inner you. Men are little boys that are shy at talking to women because they just don't understand them so they are really the ones that are nervous so ladies understand that you got to make them feel at ease.

Bar advice. For the guys, if you really like her, tell her. Also, when you're comfortable, hold her hand.Use the Alpha male method. Ladies, don't just wait for him to make any kind of move. Be a participant. Some guys are really nice but they just become puddy when it comes to women. Show him you're interested.

Dating your boss or co-worker

That’s a million dollar question! Dating your coworker or boss, someone you see at least five days a week, eight hours or more a day, why not? Well, that depends if dating your coworker will create problems in the workplace for you. Probably not a good idea to date your boss, this could cause problems for you down the line.

Imagine, you’re in the company cafeteria talking to your coworker that you date. Sally and John just walked into the cafeteria and they immediately start staring and whispering to themselves about the both of you. You know they’re talking about you because they look in your direction continuously while they whisper.

You and the coworker you date, feel very uncomfortable with Sally and John’’s reaction to you having lunch together. You think to yourselves that it may have been a mistake for you to have lunch together in the cafeteria where you work.

You’re now going to be the topic of your other coworkers conversation you believe, thanks to Sally and John who are known in the workplace as the king and queen of gossiping at your job. Both of you now wonder if the two of you should be dating and what were you thinking when you decided to have lunch together in the company’s cafeteria.

What type of problems could dating your coworker or maybe your boss cause? Well, what if you get into an argument at home or while you are on a date, when you go back to work you have to see that person almost everyday! If that person is your boss, then you could possibly loose that promotion you worked so hard for or maybe you have to walk on eggshells while you’re at work! This could make you feel very uncomfortable.

Or, if you’re getting along well with the coworker or boss you’re dating, your coworkers may think when they see you together that you may be getting special treatment. Especially if the boss you are dating favors you and gives you a promotion. This could cause a problem for the both of you.

If you just have to date your coworker or boss, consider keeping your personal relationship outside of the workplace! When you participate in this type of relationship, keep it professional in the office and personal outside of workplace. This is key in keeping the work place rumor mill to a minimum on having information about you and your coworker dating.

Bar advice.Only you will know if dating your coworker or boss will be a good idea for you. If you don’t believe this will cause a problem, then go for it! There are many people that have found their soul mates in the workplace. So do what makes you happy, after all you are in control of your own destiny and love life.

Friday, March 2, 2007

A Peace to End All Peace is a masterpiece that picks up where Guns of August leaves off. The author threads together the wide-ranging people, places and events that reshaped the Middle East following World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. The book traces the mostly failed attempts by colonialists, primarily British and French, to transform Asian cultures into Western style democracies with seemingly randomly defined national borders without regard to cultural differences separating the people. The primary motives: oil, power and military presence, as they remain today.

Bar advice.This book shows that ethnocentric Westerners have learned little about the Middle East since then. This mangled shaping and reshaping of the region continues today into Iraq by dint of war that may soon spread overtly to surrounding countries. A Peace to End All Peace demonstrates an old adage: If we cannot learn from our past mistakes, we are bound to repeat them.

One song to describe the 'Human Race'

Bar Advice. Challenge the injustice against what's happening to people. Don't exchange blows but blow away the dust and exchange dialogue to settle things. Make your voice known by sending mail, emails, TV, protest or whatever clever ways you know to get these things to stop.

What's happening in the world today

I just thought that I should write about some things that are going on the world that we sometimes want to forget, not see or hear and sometimes ignore because we want to believe that the world and it's people are 'great'.

Well it's not. With all the advice that I have wrote, especially relationships, dating , love, sex and so on; where is the human relationships in the world?

The conflict that has been going on in places like Iraq, Israel, West bank, Gaza, Somalia, Darfor, Angola, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mogadishu, Sri Lanka, and so on and we can't do anything about it. There is no much of bloodshed and despair on a daily basis in these places and the death of people is unreal. Where is the sense of humanity from all these people. There may be some conflicts that are justified but surely others are purely out of greed and power. It's the people and the country that suffers when this happens.

We got to remember that we may be living in places that do not see this sort of thing, with food and water available anytime we want and medical care as well so spare a thought for others. You never know if you'll ever be in that situation. Things can go wrong really quickly in this unforgiving world.

Hunger is also another issue. The honest truth is that there is enough food to feed the whole world but nobody will give it away. Money is what is needed and those places don't have any. Medication and hospitals are also scares. Work and business is almost zero. Women in Asia, India, Africa, South East Asia, South America have to become prostitutes to get money to feed their families and children. the fear of getting HIV or AIDS is way back of these women's heads because their thoughts are on the fact that if they don't make any money, their families and themselves will die anyway. The sad truth is, it's a fact.

Terrorism, especially after 911, has still continued. The acts that are carried out on the innocent, leaves their families in financial ruin, hardship and the loss of a family member brings sorrow to all. Everyday someone is buried from war, conflict, hunger, terrorism, lack of medical aid, diseases and so on but life still goes on in those places. We just see these things on TV or in the papers but they live it on a daily basis. Try and put yourself in that position. I bet you couldn't last a day without your air conditioning or Starbucks. How about that spa treatment? Spending money on wasteful things that doesn't do you any good.

The real important and big headache at this moment is the people that have Nuclear technology. We are faced with the fact that countries like North Korea, China, Pakistan and almost Iran have the ability to start someting that could trigger devastation for all mankind. If something like this was to ever happen it would be the doom of the planet and us.

Treasure the fact that you may not be one of those that face these difficulties. That your life, family, spouse, siblings, lover, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends are with you. Those people don't.

Bar advice. Next time try and spare a thought for people that are suffering in those places when you're about to throw out that half eaten burger. Also, spare a prayer for them and for world peace. We need it now more then ever.

Grandpa's Sex & Drug Advice - LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE

Bar advice. This was just a movie but a good laugh is sometimes needed in our lives to really see and say the things that's on our minds or when we were that age. Some of us still need advice in our lives at our present age as well.