Sunday, August 19, 2007

A girl walks into a bar

A girl walks into a bar and normally the heads of guys turn to see the sway of her walk. The hips, hair, shape, curves and whatever else they imagined for that short seconds it took her to get to a seat.

What were they thinking. Well in their lives they are or aren't in a relationship themselves. Those that approach her are trying their luck. Others just want to see if they still got what it takes even if their married. Some may want to have a "quicky" so they make the attempt as well. Let's just really look at at what a relationship really is. Lot's of people are possibly in one or more of these types of relationships.

Prostitution(pay for sex)
One night stands
Friends with privileges
Dating with casual sex
Lovers only(no commitments)
Arrangements (You take care of me, I'll take care of you)
Multiple Lovers
Work/office sex
Affairs(cheating on someone)
Living together

Most people think that when they're with someone it's a relationship but the truth is we're all in a relationship with someone. Which category or categories are you in? When you're with someone a relationship is just how you "relate" with that person. Is it casual? Serious? Fooling around? Nothing that will break their heart or be dangerous? Abusive?

A lot of us relate to the word rather than to the true picture of who we relate to in a relationship. All those stated above can still have more added but it already gives you the sense that we may not realize the position we are in and sometimes it's too late. If all is well then you're doing something right but if it's not, what do you do? At times we sabotage what could be good for us.

Bar advice. Most people don't see the problem or cannot relate to people and situations that don't interfere in their lives. Sometimes it's becomes too late.

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