Monday, May 14, 2007

Sexual peaks

The fact is that men and women don't reach sexual peaks at the same time of their lives. Here I'll give you the best of what I assume happens to both men and women at different ages and stages of their lives.

On one hand guys can start to be active by sixteen and so can the girls. Some even earlier. Parents in this day and age have no clue as to what their children do. Sure it's all hush hush but when they are out of sight and you are out of mind. Sex is something exciting to them because it's taboo. Most of them would have had some form of sexual encounter already. It could be heavy petting, masturbation, oral sex with some already doing it fully.

Most guys reach their sexual peak between 18 to 24 yeras old. This is the time that they have the most energy, are seeking for it and can go about it all night long. Women at this age are a little awkward because they are in search of slightly different things. They want the whole package. Relationship, love and commitment is their agenda. This is because they have not peaked as yet and having a horny boy makes them feel good but they know what that boy is after. A lot of them do have sex as well but they were actually better when they were younger at age.

Women peak sexually at the age of 32 to 38 years old. Lot's of times guys don't understand why she seems to be in 'heat'. Biologically, her clock is speeding up a little because even if she doesn't know it, that this is the last chance to be pregnant and her body is sending weird signals to her brain. It's not only to her partner that she seeks a sexual feel but even people from work, during commute to work even strangers that give her the eye. She tends to feel that she needs all this extra attention before all her looks and body shape gets changed forever.

Most women will be either going to get their hair, nails or face done. Even if they never used Botox, they may try it. Some go to the extreme of plastic surgery to get lifts especially the breast area. They seem to be running a race against time. The attention of some younger men also perks their playful and sexual thoughts. They don't really understand it themselves but they seem to enjoy it even to the point that some become hostile towards their partners at home because at the back of their minds he will always be there but they belive time is running out but for what, even they can't figure it out.

Lot's of women these days go online to dating and sexual sites. Not that they are going to leave their partners but to just flirt and get response from men to their profiles. Some have no problems writing down that they are married. This safeguard is there but they know that men will still engage them if it's out there. There are some sites that has them in their underware, topless or even naked but face covered. they actaul paste their pictures on it. Why that? It just adds to the excitment that they are letting every man eye their body and normally the profile write up is just as exciting. If responses do come they play it by ear. It rarely becomes a real date or sexual encounter but sadly sometimes it may happen. Most of them also know that they can leave the site and remove all pictures anytime so the safety of not getting caught is there.

Guys that do the online surfing of women are really just doing that. The fact is that if they got just one girl that may correspond with them, they will not bother to get a second or third. This is because they know that they have a partner at home and they just want to flirt every once in a while and not get caught. Men are also out of it once their sexual peak is over. They worry more about work and family than other women. Hence, some women's need for male attractive glances because the workaholic partner is too dumb to understand her position and needs.

On the other hand. Women are 'set' by the time they pass their main sexual peak or just a little further till the point of menopause. However, men start to rekindle thier radars. Somehow they seem to have back up fuel that reignites into fire when they reach 55 to 60 years old. It's not about the sex really but the advances of younger women flirting with them is enough for them to start reaching for the oxygen tank yet they carry on in their own way. Men will try to make themselves seem younger in public but when he gets home he acts like he needs to be rushed to the emegency ward. Why? Well it's a throw off so his partner isn't suspicious. Although nothing is happening he's not going to let it explode into a war. His peace is at home. If he feels there may be danger he'll end it quickly.

All this going on will be oblivious to both sides but sometimes it gets strayed and divorce can become the reality they face. Nobody wants that to happen but it could. In our human nature and sense of wanting to be sexually attractive and young we loose the goal. What's that you ask? We only need to be all thses things for our partner and ourselves to be happy. Loosing track of this may put us in a awkward position and we may loose all that we have with our patners. We are human and we all have needs that our minds and bodies can't seem to work out for us. It's all left to what the heart knows is right.

Bar advice. If you took time to learn about what your partner, male and female, is all about and you put them above all others then you won't need anyone or anything else to satisfy yourself.

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