Sunday, January 21, 2007

When it ends

I recently met a new customer who just moved here. He came over to Singapore well before he wife was suppose to arrive here. This guy is a 51 year old American but looks like he's 38 or something. Being here for the first time in his life and without the wife. Well what do you think happened?

When I herd the story I thought to myself here is a situation that I've heard and seen before. He had a sexy Indonesian girl with him. They had been together for several months and he was falling head over heels for her. I've seen this sort of thing before and it was nothing new to me.

He told me that his wife had arrived and that he had been with the Indonesian girl for a while that he decided to divorce his wife of 30 years.They moved out of the apartment that the company was paying for and they were in a hotel that was nearby.When he told me this story I could see in his eyes and gestures that he felt relieved and almost glad that this was the outcome. There was a look of rebirth and vigour on his face while he was constantly holding and hugging the girl.His speech was that of a man that was imprisoned and was just released.

I wanted to tell him that this is not new to me. Hearing stories like that but I also wanted to advise him of women that take advantage of guys like that and make them feel so special especially in ways that his wife, of a western country, will never do. The problem is that she was right there in front of us and she spoke english as well so there was no way to get that piece of advice out to him.The next day they were back at the bar and he met with a friend that happen to be in Singapore as well.

Guess what? The friend had an Indonesian girl as well on his arm. The girls didin't know each other but became friends seeing that they were from the same country and the two guys are from the same hometown. The conversation was very light and it was a party mood. I guess he felt better that she had someone to talk to as well.The other girl was really pretty and had a sweet smile. I was surprised that she was 30 years old because she looked like she was 22 or something. Then again the difference betwen Asian and Western women are very wide.It can help if you know how to find things like nano technology.

What's going on exactly at this point of time is baffling to me. He seems ready to move on. I haven't met his wife but he did say that she was going to be going back soon and he will be returning to the apartment. He did say that he blames her for leaving him here to be alone for 5 months without her and it looks like the devil came out and got him to do the ultimate betrayel. Then again I believe that it may have been heading in that direction already. The divorce was probably going to happen for him . This just made it easier for him to go ahead with it.

Bar advice. Just because you're in another country and alone, don't make the mistake of the girl that will want you and because you're feeling or starving from love that you get blinded by it. She will come out with a really sad story and you'll fall for it. Tell you what. They all have one. I've heard them all. Trust me. They want the one thing to solve it and that's your wallet.

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Theresa said...

Might be a sad ending for the wife. Perhaps a new beginning for the man. It is still a sad thing to happen...