Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seduction success

When people think about seduction, they think about wooing their women in the bedroom and having them fall for their every move. Sure, there are may things that come to mind when talking about seduction, but overall seduction lies in your preparation and confidence.

When looking at preparation, we look at all of the things you can control such as location, what you have planned for the evening, what you say to her and what you do with her. When we look at confidence, we look at your attitude towards being with her and your actions when you are with her in the bedroom.

The Plans
Like most men, you probably are not into planning what you are going to do or where you are going to do it. However, if you want to seduce your partner, planning the evening is mandatory. One thing you must not do is make her know what you did to get this day off and running. Even though it may have taken you a few hours to plan, having you complain about how much time you have spent on how long it took to set things up will ruin the day. By telling her you "planned" it will make her think you're just trying to get laid. Don’t worry because your romantic gestures will get you hours and hours of fun afterwards.

If you are thinking of heading straight for the bedroom, planning to seduce her from there, you are going to fail miserably. Your seduction should always start with something basic then move forward to something sensual and unique.

Something Basic
If you wish to do something basic you can either go out for a candle lit dinner, a walk on the beach or talk to her over drinks. During your pre-seduction adventure you should be able to romance her with your words. Hopefully.

Something Sensual and Unique
After your pre-seduction adventure you will want to have something sensual planned for desert. Your sensual adventure should start and end at your place but it can also involve going to a beach chalet, another home you have or a hotel room. This sensual romance is the beginning of foreplay, which is the start of the fun. Have some desert ready at your destination and include two to three events to perform where you can concentrate on her with your actions. Things you can have planned include sharing deserts, spending time on a rug with cushions, a sensual massage, some time in the hot tub (with swim wear as not to seem too eager) or anything that includes the five senses.

Where ever you end up, you will have to take the time to look at the atmosphere. Here are some helpful tips to increase your seduction success.

The decor of your location is the first thing that you have to look at. Some things that will add romance, while others will kill it. First, it is also important to look at cleanliness. Remember it is not your friends that are coming over, it is your partner. If your home smells like left over pizza and beer, you can kiss your night of seduction goodbye. Speaking of the smell of your house, purchasing some incense or aromatic burning oils will be one of the best investments for your home. Not only will it make your home smell better, but the scent of incense or oils can have some powerful effects on your partner.

Lighting is the best way to set the mood when you get her home. If you already have lamps in your home, let's hope that you can dim them. If you can't dim your lights don't worry, purchase some candles and have fun under candlelight.

Finally, you should look at some soft music to play in the background. Sensual music includes jazz, R & B, or classical. Have the music soft enough so you can hardly notice it is on, but loud enough so that it is not overbearing and doesn't interrupt your night. Remember conversation is key to the seduction process.

Your Words
The words that you use, and how you use them, can make or break your date. Always remember compliments go a long way when it comes to sex. Since many females are self-conscious about their body and their looks, complimenting them on things that they are insecure about will make them feel more confident and comfortable around you. Don’t try too hard because your words won’t seem sincere. Stick to two or three compliments before sex, during sex, and after sex.

When it comes to her sense of self you can compliment:
Her attitude, looks, clothes, touch, hairstyle, perfume or how she makes you feel

Here are some body parts you can compliment:
Her eyes, hands, face, skin, lips, butt, back, breasts and legs, even toes.

Though many men don’t enjoy foreplay, it is very important for the female. Men are always jumping the gun. Women enjoy foreplay because it has you concentrating on her entire body instead of just the genitals. When it comes to foreplay, make sure you touch, lick, and kiss her entire body. As you do this, watch how she reacts to where you touch her and the different ways that you touch her. Foreplay should involve all five senses so look at enhancing them. The best advice when it comes to foreplay, is using a gentle touch and going as slow as possible and so you know, foreplay should last between fifteen minutes to two hours. Don't laugh if you want to have a smile on your face tonight.

This is the FUN, and also the part that most men are looking forward to. Most men see intercourse as penetration, but the best sex mixes both intercourse and foreplay. Furthermore, you should switch positions only when necessary. At most you will probably go through five or six different positions so try mixing it up by incorporating all of the basic positions (woman on top, man on top, spooning, standing, sitting, and rear entry) and spending about five minutes in each position. Though men love speeding sex up, you should be going as slow as possible when it comes to foreplay and seduction.

Although this is true, the tempo and speed of sex should always be changing. Try switching your tempo by speeding up and slowing down to tease her and make her want more. Another benefit of slowing down is that it allows you to last longer and increase your stamina in the bedroom. The trick is whenever you feel like you are about to orgasm, slow down briefly or stop penetrating completely while you use your hand and mouth on her. It sometimes takes a longer period for her and if you cum first she may pull you back into her to satisfy her till climax. Will you be able to?

After play
Afterplay is what a couple does after sex, and no, falling asleep is not afterplay. This includes things such as kissing, cuddling, holding each other, and talking. During this time, all people, especially women, are very vulnerable because of the intimacy involved in sex. The best thing you can do is make sure you spend five to ten minutes with each other, before you fall asleep. Once again I stress, conversation is key.

Your Mindset
Your attitude and the way you think when it comes to seduction will do wonders for how your partner views you. If you are confident with all of your actions and what you do, it will show when you are with her. Remember that confidence comes from planning and technique.

Bar advice. By incorporating all this, seduction success with your partner will be receptive with regards to sex and of course this will lead to even more adventurous nights together.

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