Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dating from a online website

I recently went check out this online dating website. I won't mention it but I got to say it was the only one that I know that allowed gold members to message standard members and vice-verse. found that out later on though. I actually found it as part of the junk mail and spam that we all get. Anyway I went to check it out. Joined as a standard member a went to search. It wasn't all that great a site but had some nice looking members.

With all the relationship advice that I write here, never did I think that I would actually be browsing the site as much. Probably because after closing down the bar I had more time on my hands. Then, I came a cross Angela. Her picture is what really caught my eye. red dress and all. Found out that I could message her because she was a gold member, so I did. We went back and forth a bit and finally got our emails exchanged. Then started to get on MSN messenger.

The first time we were on it was a bit of a disaster. She didn't seem to like what I was saying. I was already on first before she got on so to me it seemed that she was preoccupied with doing other things rather than have a chat with me. The conversation didn't rally go all that smooth. Me trying to be cool and all. I never really had difficulties with getting to know someone when you already know them a little. Know what I mean? She seemed like a dodo bird to me on certain things but she didn't like one or two jokes I made or remarks. I had to apologize to keep her pleased. I was actually just testing waters to see what sort of chick this was. Then I find out she's a Taurian/Snake. All hell was about to break loose.

This is what I know about a Taurus/Snake.

This is the most natural of Snakes. Snake people often display cosmic leanings and cleave to the other worldly. Taurus grounds them. This Snake will be intuitive (as usual), yet wonderfully discreet. The Taurus part of the character will lend earthiness. This wildly attractive creature causes havoc among members of the opposite(or same for that matter)sex. People cannot control their desire to be controlled by this marvelously sensual type whose alluring bedside manner is almost as dangerous in as it is out of bed. The steamy sexual reputation of this cool, yet earthy creature is legendary. When a Taurean born Snake wraps itself around a sex partner, the victim has absolutely no chance of(nor any desire for)escape.

Once I read this, my first thoughts was, how can I get those legs to wrap around me. I started to get more queries about this feline. Just by looking at her picture on the website and our messages I could get the sense that this one was the type that played it cool and waited for the proper time and approach. She was typical of a real snake that would be willing to just sit there and be admired of her beauty by all but only engage when she wanted to. When we got together on messenger again it wasn't as bad and seemed less hostile than the first encounter. I felt like Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, here. It ended with a stoic response to goodnight that I thought it was doomed.

At the end of the week somehow she got online really late. About 1am. We were back and forth about a lot of things. She opened up brilliantly. I never had a better conversation with her. I guess it's because snakes naturally like it better in the night. We had frank exchanges and I hoped that we both understood each other a little better. We were online for several hours. I even found out that her dad was a ex-cop. We joked about him shooting me. Probably in deep water now though.

Anyway, I tried to make her see the actual me and really tried to figure her out. I was feeding her info about the man I was and what I was all about. She did the same but in lesser info than I would like to have had. One should know that two people trying to get a relationship started takes a small step at a time but sometimes you need to be bold and move faster a little. At times this may not be the right move because a woman tends to feel a little hurried into the relationship and may just abruptly end it all then and there before it can even begin. Naturally snakes will rather have a less confrontational approach to anything. In a way it worked out. I wasn't going to tell he about the blog. In fact I didn't write anything till now because I told her I was going to do so. This sought of caught her off guard and now she might be reading this.

I think she just wants to kill me at this point for all this stuff written here but I got to do this. All the blog items I wrote may actually help her out. I sense that she's the sort that needs a little coaxing to come out. Maybe she need a little more time. Maybe she's doesn't feel as ready as she would like to be. Bottom line is we both haven't met. A one time meeting could make or breaking a relationship. I already told her if it didn't work out, hopefully we could be friends. It really will come down to what a person wants. Initially I told her that I wanted to be a bit more mysterious and take things slow but just getting to know each other online but, hey, Christmas is coming.

Here's a bit of advice to those that do online dating. The websites are there to help connect people and it's better and faster to find someone. Some are online with different intentions and false information. Others are branded the same even when they are innocent. One individual is different from another. Having previous boy or girlfriends cannot cloud your judgement of someone new. Don't make the same wrong moves that got you here in the first place. Don't judge others the same way. Trying not to look desperate and acting uninterested will get you nowhere. Opening up to the possibilities that the universe can bring you a partner in life, even after all the hurt before, is what you may find at the end of the rainbow of your dreams.

Bar advice. Take a chance. Not everything comes in the package that you wanted, desired or wished for. Sometimes it's a little old, broken, damaged, discarded or in pieces. Can you be the glue to fix it?


gale from said...

while i disagree that trying not be look desperate will get you nowhere, i'm with you on the point of taking a chance. it's exciting and it can't hurt. nice post

Bar Advice said...

if you say that as apose to looking desperate will get you somewhere...I doon't think so