Sunday, August 19, 2007

Giving her adventure, romance and the forbidden....

Guys got to learn that they are not the only ones that have day dreams of doing stuff that's just wacky and out of this world. We all have work to do and our normal daily stuff makes us drift to fantasy land when we want to escape away from it all. However, guys can use this advantage to get the girls.

Women secretly long for romantic rebellion, for a chance to become irrational and uncivilized. Women are dying to be overwhelmed with emotions, to let go of their usual routine. They hunger for something more out of life, something grand, something like the adventure and romance they read about in books as young children.

Deep down women are actually excited and intrigued by guilty, transgressive pleasures. Women are not the sweet, innocent creatures that some men would like to imagine them to be. Like men, they are deeply attracted to the forbidden and the dangerous. Guys get shocked when they hear what some of the ladies are thinking.

The seducer knows that women are waiting for adventure and sexual pleasure. Women never get enough of it from friends and lovers, and they cannot get it by themselves. The seducer knows that women want more illusion, fantasy, play, and forbidden sex. He knows that they want to participate in something rare and thrilling.

You can play on this dream of women by promising a fantasy world of escape and pleasure, by creating the picture inside her head of a fantastic future in which you'll whisk her away to. Sometimes it's just that particular moment like having sex in public and feeling the thrill of almost getting caught. It's an adrenaline rush.

Talk about adventure and travel, and have your apartment a place dedicated to pleasure and play where she feels transported away from the world of work and responsibility.

Do not talk of work, duties, judgments, or reality. Instead, offer the rare thrill of losing herself in the moment, where her five senses come alive and her mind is left behind. If you sell them pleasure and adventure, an escape from their dull reality, women will happily follow you. Learn to add words like a spa message done by you, candlelight, rose petals or even bubbles in your conversation. The power of suggestion is very tempting.

Be that man that promises women that thrilling adventure of pleasure and passion. Be the charismatic that lifts her thoughts up into the clouds. Be the lover who promises them unsurpassed sexual and romantic passion. Be the fire who insinuates the sexually forbidden and the dangerous. Be the natural who has that ease around women that makes them comfortable and want to follow you to the ends of the earth.

Make things happen. Become the kind of man who can whisk the women away on the promise of sexual adventure, fun and pleasure with a strong and thrilling man who can take her away into passion and dreams. You still got to put in the hard work if you want her to melt in your arms.

Bar advice. Women too have feeling and thoughts of all these things. Next time you're in front of a girl and she seems in that daydream state, ask her. If she tries to evade the question, well, you know what to do.

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