Sunday, May 6, 2007

Waxing for ladies.

Saturday came and Kat(meow) did show up. She got there a little late but said that there were no dance classes that weekend. When I asked why than she was there, she said that she went a few streets down to get a waxing done. My radar went on high alert especially seeing her hot ass in shorts as well.

I know it sounds like very male, whatever you want to call it, but "hey" I'm human too. Don't forget she's reading this as well. She already commented on this blog. We did also speak about what I wrote about her Chinese and English zodiac signs. It seems that she got some friends to read it as well and they agree that it's her alright. Anyway back to the latest stuff. Just before that, I pricked her with my finger and blew the top just to indicate that her ass was hot. She laughed her in cute way.

I wanted to know if she got a bikini or Brazilian wax job and she told me the latter. I said I could do it for free next time. More cute laughing again. I was flirting. What's a guy to do when a girl tells him something like that. I was imagining myself with running hot water, foam, a shaver and her naked body. I know it's not waxing. I wouldn't know how really and it sounds painful. Right? I rather have her screams and moans be pleasurable than tearing the hair from her vagina area. Hell, I'll even throw in a massage. Now that; I'm good at. Any lady takers? Guaranteed, no strings.

There's one really nice thing about this girl. She is fairly extrovert and open minded. Some may say it's a character flaw but it sure beats the deceptive people out there. Truth and honesty in a person is a good thing. We just really started talking to each other on a different level and it becomes really interesting conversation. It also feels comfortable to both. People that can converse on all subjects, not hold back and enjoy the discussion, often want to it more as well. I believe that's why she's even talking to me.

When she first came to the bar alone, she didn't talk. I talked to her first and ever since then, she talks to me every time after. To me it's due to the fact that when I speak, all words, pronunciation, vocabulary and subjects, is something that she hasn't found in other local people. She has told me that a lot of the people that she goes out with are expats that live here. My guess is that she is seeking for similar intellectual people to have a good time with.

How many times in this blog have I stressed the importance of conversation. It is key at all levels of a relationship. We are just becoming friends and I hope she drops by every Saturday. We joked about me becoming her 'shrink'. She'll see me once a week and the payment, well, I'll have to think something up. Anyway, the waxing that was done must have hurt so I'll go find out about the procedures and get more info about it and hope that if I can solve the pain issue I may get the chance to try it out with her. (Blog flirting here when she reads)

Bar advice. For the guys out there who are going to use this tactic on girls, just remember to tell her that you'll make sure it's smooth enough by testing it with your tongue.

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