Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can we blog all this?

Whoever came out with the whole blog thing may or may not have known what they started. This is an outlet for so many people, irregardless of where in the world you are, and you have just become an author.

Whatever you want to say or advise and maybe point out is easily done. The only thing is, who's reading it? Well if people are like you and they are interested in what makes sense to them or reflect all your stuff as something in their lives then you have an audience.

Your stuff can be crap, erotic, sexy, intoxicating, professional, weird or any damm thing. As long as people have an interest then you're ready to party. money is something that most people are interested in but so is life. what can you possibly know about philosophy?

Well you lead you own life so that's a start. Is there any thing that you can share about it? If it's dull and boring don't worry. Most other people are in the same boat. If they weren't than the whole planet would be full of celebrities.

Bar advice.What is it that I'm getting to , besides the fact that this is going to be a short entry, is that our lives are like blogs that we read and see all the time. A lot of us don't journal it but if we did the whole Internet would be filled with mostly that. This is what you do. Add or make a blog today.

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