Thursday, March 27, 2008

Intense pressure

Here's a sentence of what was said not too long ago in a conversation with a few guys. "The women you want, you can't have and the women you can have, you don't want." How true can this be, or is it even? A sad fact but intense pressure about getting girls has been around for a long time now.

I think that most guys have had that experience of being chased by a girl that they're just not interested in. She's usually a friend, classmate or co-worker that we're NOT attracted so we treat her like one of our guy friends. We're not trying to hook up with her, so we're not afraid to joke around or be bold with her, challenge her, the stuff that most guys don't do around girls they're attracted to. So guys inadvertently draw in women, it's just they don't do it purposely to the women they want to attract. Funny but true, again.

In order to improve your dating success with drop dead gorgeous women you need to change. If you are not getting the results you desire with women then something needs to change. This is obvious but it may not be "changing" in the way that you think. Often men already have the personality traits needed to attract beautiful, funny and intelligent women but the problem isn't that men don't have confident and outgoing personalities, most of us do, but the problem is that we don't show our best side to women we are interested in.

Since the beginning of time men have always wondered how to please and win them over to become the sole provider for her. Men have tried all sorts of things in their determination to get a particular woman. They use pickup lines. They buy them gifts and they slave to do anything for the woman. Men end up doing things for women that they would never otherwise do. What men don't realize is that these things are actually manipulation to get something from women. Would you act this humble and nice for a woman you weren't sexually interested in? What men are doing here is changing for the wrong reasons. They change the way they talk. They change the way they act. They change their sense of humour. Actually in most cases they kill any sense of humour as soon as they start talking with a woman they want to get romantically involved with.

How does a man act around his male buddies? He's funny, laughing, enjoying himself and he makes fun of his friends and jokes around. Then the guy suddenly see a stunning woman in the distance and decides to go talk to her but unlike the way he interacted with his friends. Now he stops being funny. He stops laughing. He stops playfully making jokes and he becomes Mr.Serious. Why do guys CHANGE in these certain circumstances when surrounded by beautiful women?

The intense pressure the man places on himself to 'get the girl' becomes huge. He wants the woman so bad that he stops doing things that might be too risky in order to date her. What he doesn't realize is that by speaking in a boring way, constantly complimenting on her striking appearance and giving her whatever she wants he presents a BORING personality to the woman. The man presents a fake and boring personality that the woman can't stand! Of course this isn't how he usually acts. Only when he is in the presence of women he is romantically interested in. Think to yourself, if you were an amazingly gorgeous woman would you like guys who come up to you and talk to you about the weather, their job or other plain topics that have no spice? No! You would think, "How can I get away from this guy as fast as possible?"

Women like to be subtle about their non-interest for a man. So when a woman tries to give a man the *hint*, he sadly never gets it. He wonders why she doesn't call, why she keeps talking about another man or why she wants to be "just friends"? Ultimately when men change they lower their chances of success. See, when you are interested in a woman it doesn't matter if you're a great funny and interesting guy, unless you can show that to her. There is no point trying to make friends with a woman or holding back your true personality until later, because by then it will already be too late. Here's an amazing secret you must understand how to be outrageously successful with women.

If you talk to a woman for a few minutes and she has NO sexual interest towards you, it will be almost impossible to change it later. So when you're talking with women think about how you are acting. Is it the same way you would act around your friends or are you changing yourself to try and date her? Pay attention to how you act and speak around women and do a little self analysis to determine if that's how you would act around your friends. "Am I being interesting? Am I being fun? Would I joke around and be playful like this with my buddies?" You'll be surprised.

Bar advice. If you "check" yourself to act the same way as with the guys, you'll find that women see you that same way as well and that's why they liked you.

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