Sunday, December 16, 2007

Going overseas to study

I recently met up with a girl at a friends bar and we got into conversation about her boyfriend going overseas to study. Now going abroad is suppose to be fun and exciting especially since you're not going just for a short vacation. So, where's the problem here?

The relationship. What do you do? How is someone suppose to just end everything that they know or use to do with the person that they love or been going with for a long time? The relationship didn't die or even end at all but worse than that, it's on "hold". At the drop of a hat the person staying back surely must feel worse because they still see the same places they use to go to or remembers the things they did when seeing a loving couple on the street. Not to say that the one that left is not going to feel like that but because there's new and exciting stuff to do and see, don't expect them to be sobbing like you every night. Sad but true.

To be happy for the person is mixed with the feelings of sadness as well. Sometimes there may be the feelings and thoughts of a break up. This is normal. After all what can't be seen, can't be proven. There's thousands of miles between the two of you. It can get pretty lonely. Suspecting someone of betrayal is not proof that they did anything and you come across as someone that has no trust for the person you're involved with. Don't go down that path if you got nothing. You'll only be spear heading a break up itself. Unless he/she opens their mouth about a third party, you should have nothing to worry about. Maybe.

I once metthis girl, a customer, at my bar who was out almost every night with this guy. They were studying their Masters degree on a exchange programme for students. I believed that they were together because of all the fun, craziness and sexuality that they showed each other. However, just before she left, her real boyfriend came over for a holiday to be together with her and go back together. The other guy was nowhere to be seen but he did appear a week later, alone. I was told that it was just a fling that she instigated and it just flew from there. Well sometimes this sort of thing can happen. Not that it can't but you got to find trust in people somehow.

Back to this girl I met. She seemed down about the whole thing so I kept her company. She was with a few other girlfriends but it didn't seem to help. It's always good to get some moral support when in this sort of circumstances. She seemed more keen on getting my opinion as a guy about the whole thing. This guy had been gone for eight months now. All the calls and emails seem to have slowed down and sometimes there wasn't anything with big time gaps. I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I really thought she lost him and it was going to be over soon. She said she was thinking about going over for a visit but I advised her against this. I told her it was a bad idea. I was personally thinking, if he's already involved with someone and if she went over unannounced, she'd be in store for a rude awakening. If you're in a far off land and know nobody, you might just think of the worse things to do to heal a broken heart.

We talked and drank. She kind of liked me, I guess. After a while she looked better. I think it's because she missed having a guy to talk to in a bar. Maybe it gave her some comfort or memories that she played out in her head that brought some peace. Maybe it was just some male company that she needed because she would lean into me during the conversation and blamed it on the not so loud music. I've been through that myself a long time ago so I understood her emotions and insecurities about what her guy was doing over there and what she was going through here. Also, the urges and craving of wanting to be touched, held, kissed or made love to in a long time, it's like a prison sentence given and you didn't do the crime yet you're paying with tears.

Eventually as the night went on, we talked about exchanging numbers. Her friend works at the bar so I said no because I knew I could always find her through the friend. So, no numbers given. We did have a good time and I believe she felt much better. She told me that she'd come around more often if I was there, gave me a quick hug and as I expected, a quick kiss on the lips. Pulling away, she had a big smile on her face as she thanked me for being her listening ear and shoulder to cry on. She left after and I got a lot of teasing from her friend about her. What do they know?

I see her love life going down the tubes. The relationship is almost over. The guy really should call her and tell her so. Making someone wait in limbo is wrong. Is he intending to just come back and dump her later? As a guy I tell you what he's up to. At the moment he's just keeping his options open in case the one over there doesn't work out in the end, then he's got someone to return to. Pretend that it was all because of the studies and exams that made things like that. She'll accept the flimsy excuse and go back with him and; worse of all, believe his bleeding heart story about how much he loves her and missed her when he was over there. She'll believe every word and he'll get her back. It's like committing murder and not getting caught. She'll just be so overjoyed that he's back that she'll have a brain freeze about everything else done. Damn, I should have exchanged numbers, f%&ked her myself.

Bar advice. I can always find her but the point is, it may or may not happen that way. It will be too late when he gets back in over two years time. We can't see what the future holds for us but sometimes we should take up the offer of what's here and now itself in front of us in the present.

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