Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bad boys all women want

You may have noticed around you, there's a 'breed' of man who ladies tend to be attracted to or stick with. He's conventionally called the 'bad boy' or the 'not so nice guy'.

Call such a man whichever way but the fact remains, such men with a 'taint of badness' have more desirable female activity around them. Let's first define something. A bad boy is not a bad person. In the "real-world sense", the word 'bad' when describing a man, brings up associations of a guy who abuses dogs or holds a bunch of criminal records. In the "attraction sense", 'bad' is not about nastiness, ill-doing or the mafia. It's just a guy who gives women a perceived feeling of "thrill". Another way to phrase it(as described to me by a female) is, such men are "naughty in a charming way".

What differentiates him from other guys is his natural ability to flirt with women without trying. He teases all women. Be it work mates, ordinary lady friends or the lady(she's trilled) who washes the toilet and it seem to be the happy guy who's unaffected by things. He didn't even realised this himself. He tends to be cool and suave naturally. Women want to look at him or get to know him. It just comes automatically. He'll say stuff that gets laughter out of ladies and while they're still in the middle of a giggling fit, he'll say to them in a jokingly stern manner to stop laughing like a five year old and get more laughs. With that, he gets smilingly registered as a 'bad boy' by many females and they like him. The fact that he admits to girls he's always been naughty since he was a kid makes it much more inviting and stirs all sorts of curiosity in women. One question you may have is "Do I have to be a 'bad boy' to attract females"?

No! Take the example of the movie Hitch. Some don't look anything like the imaged 'bad boy' but they incorporate elements of the bad boy naughty appeal into their interactions with ladies and still attain huge success. It's all about having conversation with females not just as chatting but seeing it as a process of blasting attraction and appeal in her mind during the interaction. In the course of movies, television and real life history we always see this happening. Women do like to be seen with, in conversation with and in bed with that little 'bad boy'.

Bar advice. Even the funny, simple, shy girl who ends up in a relationship or marriage with the simple 'Joe' or classroom nerd, has a secret desire for her own 'bad boy'. It's natural.


singairishgirl said...

You are so so right. You do know women well. I also always thought that. Girls tend to go for bad boys. It's very true. I know I did when I was younger. But eventually you'd want to marry a decent non-bad guy. However, I believe it's the same for guys too. They tend to like naughty, sexy, under-dressed girls to fool around with but at the end of the day they want to marry a wife who is decent and 'covered'. Lol. I know... as I have friends whose husbands do not allow them to wear too revealing clothes. But of course these same husbands when a sexy-looking young things walks past, their eyes will follow. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I like your straight forward comment and I agree with you about the different mentality of different ages. In general though, men are visual (physical) creatures, and women are emotional creatures. A man gets turned on by the physique of a woman, unlike women who get turned on by talking, and talking, and talking. That's why it is a major concern for guys to want to know and learn how to strike conversations with women that last more than 5 minutes; it is for the simple fact that they know and realize that a good conversation with a woman wins her heart. On the other hand, a good clue for guys to strike a conversation would be to approach women with confidence and after the introduction to just ask questions about them, which will lead them to opening up and getting carried away with talking if they were really interested in the guy. I like both comments listed above; I read both of them, and I thought I should put in my share. Good luck to all!