Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving on

I guess it's the same all over the world when it comes to people breaking up or divorce. They can't seem to be able to move on. Women especially have a really hard time.

There are days of tears and pain that the heart feels and a sense of loss. Lots of times the person that feels the worse may actually be the one that made the situation difficult. They may not even be aware that there was a problem till it was too late. Many guys make a fatal mistake by taking their partners for granted. they believe that even if they did something wrong they would be forgiven and all will be fine. Guys have been too pampered by their mothers to know what a wife or girlfriend really is.

Loosing sight that your partner as an individual will damage the relationship. Being upfront, honest and open minded that your partner is faithful to you and the relationship will stir both people in the right way. Letting him or her live their life while still being together is better than to smutter them with affection while restraining them all together. This makes the other person turn to deceptive methods of doing the things that they want to do and if found out will be explosive to the relationship.

Moving on after the relationship is over can be hard. Most people, especially women, find it difficult to trust another man again. It all depends on what they went through before and the cause of the split. Guys fear that the next girl will turn out to be the same, if not worse, than the first one. The sense of trust really will have been faded and there's no security blanket for a broken heart. Some go on for years alone after a break up and later find that it may be too late by the time their ready to hit the dating scene again.

The right choice for people would have to be a open dialogue between themselves so that all mistrust and misunderstandings are ironed out. The relationship should have certain goals and both will need to fulfill them. Expectations will need to be met as well. Communication must be constant and intentions need to be truthful. Following this will makes things better if you're moving on to a new person so you don't fall flat on your face again and your heart won't hurt as well.

Bar advice. Ask yourself, better still ask your partner, why you're in the relationship. The answers may surprise you.

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Pretty good advice you're dishing out... sigh, I've long passed the phase of man-woman relationships. hehehe......