Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Me, Aerosmith and a girl.

The night before I played Aerosmith on air, Dottie(not real name), came to the bar with her boyfriend. He had been there before but not her. The moment I saw her and heard her speak, I knew there was something special about her.

They sat a the far end of the bar. I played some of the latest hit and such but later I decided to change to some older rock tunes. As the songs kept going I noticed that Dottie was bopping and tapping her feet to the beat a little more. Now, I know this business and what she was doing told me that she was enjoying it. The guy on the other hand didn't seem to know all the songs unlike her. I got to chat with both later that night and managed to get a business card from her so I could email her if I opened a new bar. Yeah right! I just wanted it for myself anyway. Later they left but not before she said she would return the next day. I had hoped that she liked me too.

Now the next day comes. Guess who I see first. Early in the day it's Kat, a.k.a.'hot ass'. She's got salsa classes so stopped by after reading the emails I sent everyone about the bar closing. We talked for a while. I got her a drink because I wasn't going to be there anymore. Later I got to steal a quick kiss from her as a farewell. Told her I was going to miss her coming around. She's a fun girl and we could talk about anything and everything even though she was younger than myself.

Let's get back to Dottie. She finally shows up about nine that evening. Brought three friends as she said she would. They all seemed like nice people. They sat at the last table but later one of her girlfriends walked over to the bar, which was the smoke zone, and starting talking to me while having a puff. Not sure if that was anything planned but I was about to get a plan of my own going. I decided to change the hip hop music I was playing to something more rock because of the night before. Just before that the same girlfriend and a guy came up to smoke. Said a quick hello and went to slot in the CD.

My back is normally turned away from the customers when changing discs. As I got the first track on, I had to take the other disc out from the other player, I heard someone calling. There was Dottie at the bar area. She just said, "I love Aerosmith" to which I replied "Yeah, it's one of my favourites too". She went back to her seat right after that. I wasn't sure why but after that all returned as well. I started to sing along to some of the tracks. This I knew I could do reasonably well. I just wanted to impress her at the same time enjoy it with her. I was also hoping she'd take more notice since she took delight in their songs.

I then decided to bring over a mug of beer to keep her there a little longer. I saw that all the glasses were empty so I just said that hers was on the house for being a fan as well. I was hoping that I could persuade her to stay if the other three was going to leave but to my astonishment she came up with the idea instead. Her friends left and she brought over her beer and sat at the bar so we could chat. I was rocking then. We enjoyed more of the songs and also played some of the other stuff from the previous night that she liked. She just fascinated me. I hoped that she had a good time as well. I did feel a connection to her in a very odd manner. Still don't know what it is.

Later she had her boyfriend meet her at the main road to take her home. I called her the next day but she was busy. Tried to get her to come down so I sent a text message. She replied she was coming with her boyfriend the next day. When asked why not alone, she replied because she was 'with him'. I had no words. I told myself, truly what else can I say. She was with someone else. Devastating to hear because you don't really find Aerosmith fans that easily. For that matter a chick that likes rock tunes nowadays. Well actually because she's really sweet too.

As she was leaving I did, however, get a return kiss on the cheek as I kissed her hand goodbye. It was very unexpected. I felt some chemistry but not sure about her. Perhaps, I hope. Nevertheless, I can only depend on fate now.

Even I may go "Crazy" when I meet a hot chick like that. Anyone meeting a girl hopes she'll show "Sweet emotion" and she'll look like an "Angel". We don't want a "Rag doll" and we don't want them "Cryin" either. When you're "Living on the edge", you really got to "Walk this way" and "Get a grip" of yourself. Men like them and want them. Even a "Blind man" can see that so if you're "Jadded" and you keep saying "I don't want to miss a thing", do what poker players do. Throw the dice of life and if "Dueces are wild" get "Back in the saddle" and "Kiss your past goodbye". Remember her "Pink" lips and "What it takes" to "Dream on". You don't have "Nine lives" and everyone knows that "Falling in love is hard on your knees". If you say there's a "Hole in my soul" then wait for "Fallen angels" because "Somethings gotta give". You never know if something "Amazing" could happen. Gotta leave it to fate.

Bar advice. Those that are real Aerosmith fans can understand. If you're not, well, " Ain't that a bitch".

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