Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deep Sexual Bliss

These compelling benefits can raise your stud-muffin factor 100 fold! You can last as long as you want in active lovemaking, including during intercourse.>

You can give your female partner complete sexual satisfaction by taking as long as she wants and needs to have all the orgasms she can stand. Your relationship with your lover can be immeasurably enhanced and strengthened. She will adore you! You can experience a great deal of physical pleasure, more than you could possibly imagine. You can become a multi-orgasmic man, having any number of orgasms in a single session of lovemaking that extends over a period of hours.

Each orgasm can last longer and be more intense than an ordinary ejaculation. Usually these orgasms are experienced as pleasure throughout the body rather than being restricted to the genitals alone. You can maintain optimal prostate health.

You can super-boost your immune system for total well-being, rarely getting sick and recovering quickly when you do. You can experience a tremendous increase in available energy throughout each day. You can have available a deep source of creativity to draw upon for application in all other areas of your life, for example, business, science, sports and the arts. You can gain a serious competitive advantage over other ordinary males who do not know how to do this. You can regularly experience states of sexual and spiritual ecstasy in which time stands still and the boundaries between you and your lover completely disappear.

You can regularly experience various forms of mystical altered states of consciousness. You can radiate a sense of self-confidence and charisma that you formerly may have envied in other superior alpha males.

You will also learn these..
Yin and Yang and how they relate to men and women. How variations of the missionary position can create better sexual friction. How to do the “Full Lift” to adequately stimulate the g-spot. Why sideways positions are best for sharing spiritual energy. How skilled women can let her man “Ride the elevator”.

“The Queen’s Ecstasy”, "Slipslide” and it's variations. Why you should not follow the golden rule of "do unto others". How to do "Grounding Exercises" and why they are important. What the "Yab Yum" position is and how to achieve it. Where to place your hands to best help circulating the sexual energy. When standing positions are ideal and how to accomplish them.

Positions that allows for both partners to rest, while still maintaining sexual contact. Why opposites positions are so erotic and accomplishing their variations. Why foreplay is important for females to reach orgasms. Going from friction sex to energy sex to soul sex. The different forms of foreplay and how to engage in them.

The positions that encourage emotional unions. The importance of undressing during your lovemaking sessions. The single greatest turn-on for almost every male lover. Why the woman gives more energy and how it’s beneficial when she’s on top. Why giving and receiving massages is important. What is "Sexual Fire Breath" and why is it used. The importance of fantasies and how to enact them.

And you thought you knew everything. HA!

* Side note: If you're having a medical problem in this area, my advice is to see a doctor. These things are to enhance your performance not solve your medical issues.

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