Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Date tracking

If you go out with a girl on a date there are a few key things to do. During the entire course of the few hours with her you see good responses coming out of her at various times. There will also be points of times where the date hits a lull. There will be times when she's enthusiastic or passive, etc. So, after the date is over what do you need to do when you get home?

Date tracking is the answer. What is that? Here is a few tips to your relationship advice woes. Doesn't matter if it's a first date or one that's been on for a while. What matters most is to progressively track your date and the ongoings of each of them. List it. Did it get better as you progressed? What did you do right or wrong? What did she say that interest her more? Did you remember what her favorite place was? What's her favourite type of movie? Does she like to travel, dance, party, swim, workout, window shop and so on. Get the idea?

There's also the key point to remember to recall the conversations that you had. What kept her more engaged and made her have a bigger smile on her face when you discussed that subject. Those topics can be tracked by you so you can bring them up again. Another thing is to remember when she had touched you in the conversations because this may have triggered more response in her. If you are not familiar with the in depth knowledge of the subject, now would be a good time to research it. Amplify those things when you meet her again on another date. Use this tracking method again and again as the relationship stretches. Any woman loves a man that's listening to them and takes interest in their thoughts.

If you're out with a new person then reuse the same method but remember you have to start from scratch. Each girl is different and they have different interest and likes. With the same one, all you have to do is to keep adding to a list that you have. Improve on the things that she liked when you first met, progressively. You're bound to see admirable changes in her because she's enjoying your company more.

You can also do things that surprise her. Firstly listen carefully to some "wishes" that she may have. If she's talking about going to climb Mount Fuji or something, forget it but if she's talking about trying to get tickets to see a special show or something, maybe. This is a possibility to score big with her. She's going to have more feelings for a man that's doing things for her without her asking. Please don't think that you just need to do things that spend money all the time. Even the simplest thing like sending her a love email may just trigger the same response, if not more. That all depends on how good a poet you are, I guess.

Bar advice. This method can be applied by women to men as well, however, guys are a bit more difficult to pen down. Your list may just be very long and keeps changing very rapidly.


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