Sunday, July 1, 2007

Princess Diana remembered 10 years on.

The date for Princess Diana remembrance concert is here. It's 10 years on from the year that she died. He sons, Prince William and Harry are behind this and with a star studded line up of people there is going to a night to remember indeed.

Lets look at Princess Diana with some of the mishaps, tribulations, media, family and untimely death. She was the people's princess. At such a young age she got married and we can never be sure if it was ever, really true love that made her do it or the thought that goes into every small girls minds when told of fairytale princes, romance, kingdoms and the words "lived happily ever after". All we know is that she then became the most photographed woman on the planet and it would lead to her demise, literally.

Looking at Diana's life, we can safely say that two good things came out of it. Her sons. She was a mother that was so loving and protective of her children. Took time to tend to them, their needs and hardly ever had a nanny do things for them when she was there. Something that all mothers would do. Giving herself selflessly to them and at the same time making the world see her take on campaigns about Aids, leprosy, stopping of land mine use and much more. The concert is being done by her sons to celebrate her life. It falls on the 1st July 2007, her birthday. She would have been 46 years old today if she was still alive.

This brave soul, who stood up strong in the face of public torments and the media, probably felt alone at times. Just like all us simple folks that are down and out or have bad days and just want to hide from the world. She never got to do so. She may have been famous but fame has it's price and she paid the ultimate amount. Death.

The press with all of it's liberties never paid for the injustice done to her even when she was alive. Hungry for money and fame, they continued to pursue her especially when she was seeing Dodi Al Fayed. Her sons were not spared either and the fact that the royal family never stepped in to do anything didn't make it any easier. Even when she was doing good around the world with awareness of Aids and land mine use that was killing people, she was never seen by the press as anything else but a story to them and hoping to get a scoop on any mishap that might happen. She was never taken seriously by anyone with the exception, probably, of Mother Teresa whom she got a rare opportunity to meet some time before both of them passed away.

Many things will be said about her. More books written. Possibly more scandal to come out. Former staff trying to get their share of money, even if it means tarnishing her image even more, and whatever the press can conjure up some more. Her legacy, her story and interest in her will still continue, possibly, for the next thirty years. She deserves a little respect now that she's dead but even in death she is still sought after. Can she ever rest in peace?

There may never be anyone else that will come along like her. Despite all the ups and down in her life, she was a woman of substance. A girl who grew up into a woman. A lady, a mother and a friend to those that had lesser in the world. Those that needed a voice. A champion for others. Before we can judge others we should look at our lives. It isn't all that different from hers. Just being human. I remember where I was when I heard the news about her death. Do you?

Bar advice. Lets watch the tribute concert, celebrate her life, remember her death but be glad that the people's princess lived during our lifetime and was part of us. May she rest in peace.

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