Sunday, July 22, 2007

Items you need when meeting women

The items you carry can make all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting women. In other words, you have to like a boy scout, and always be prepared. By carrying certain things, you'll find that it's a lot easier to engage women in conversation and impress them.

Here are just a few things you should have on you when you're out meeting women.

A Camera
Having a camera is a great way to capture great moments and show you're having fun with your friends. One trick is to ask an attractive girl nearby to take a picture of you and your friends. Then once she takes the picture, say something funny and initiate a conversation. Please don't go asking if you can take nude shots of her.

A Lighter
Even if you don't smoke, carry a lighter. By having a lighter, you can easily initiate a conversation with a girl if she is a smoker and needs a light. Don't take it out and play with it as some women are put off by smokers so you'll loose out if she's that sort.

Gum and Breath Mints
The quickest way to turn-off a woman is to have bad breath. To prevent this, you should carry an assortment of breath mints and gum. Usually mint flavor gum or Altoids can dramatically improve any body's breath. Drinkers especially need this or if you just had dinner with lots of garlic.

A Pen or Cell Phone
In order to get a girl's number, you should have a device that will help you quickly jot it down. If you don't have anything you'll look like an amateur when you're wandering around asking people if they have a pen. By carrying a cell phone or pen, you can quickly grab a woman's number while maintaining your conversation. If using a pen, you should keep small bits of paper in your wallet as well.

Obviously you know what a condom is used for. Yet many guys make the mistake of not carrying this simple item. In this age of sexually transmitted diseases, it's an absolute must to always have protection. Don't take the risk of disease by not carrying condoms on you. Also she may fear you if you want to risk not using it. By not carrying it you will have to go to a store to buy with her in tow and she may be embarrassed with the storekeeper looking at her. The whole mood will be changed.

Bar advice. It's important to be prepared for the common things that occur when you're meeting women. Carrying these simple items prepares you for any situation.


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