Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is it love or lust at first sight?

Love at first sight. It’s the stuff of fairy tales, of romantic movies and, of course, of a hefty sampling of romance novels but does love at first sight really exist?

It turns out that people make fairly quick decisions about how much they like a person, then naturally put more dedication to expanding the relationships with those they felt an immediate connection to.

So is it Love or Lust?

Of course, those who have fallen hard in “love at first sight” may have later been let down when they realized it wasn’t really love that was fanning the fire, but lust. Love at first sight is often just lust at first site. We crave for a mate so we fool ourselves into the belief that has been placed inside us when we were young. This come from either the movies, stories or people that we heard talking about it.

How can you tell if your newfound love is going to withstand the test of time or, if you’ve already found your long-time love, what advice can you give to the youngsters in your life? By letting go of it. How to do that?

The way to check if it is lust or love is to let go of the feelings. If it is love the feeling will get stronger and more expanded yet quieter. If it is simply lust, when you let go you may start to actually feel the love. Either way, allow yourself to enjoy the ride and follow your heart. It will start to make sense to you when you find that the person you're with leaves a sense of emptiness in your heart when they are not there. Love is strong feeling that can break you down. Lust just feeds into your pleasure systems and you can get it with another person if you wanted. This is the difference between the two.

The feeling of making love with someone that you're "in love with" and someone you may like or just met is worlds apart. There is a feeling of unity and also a "oneness" that cannot be explained. Anyone in this situation can understand this. It is so different yet real. Falling in love or in lust is hard to define unless you've been in love before. Then you can tell the difference.

Bar advice. Take baby steps in the relationship before jumping in the sack to define your relationship status. It will reveal if you're in love with the heart or the body.

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