Sunday, June 24, 2007

When I see other guys try their luck with girls.

Last week I went to a bar where my friend is the DJ. Met up with a few other guys and the owner of the place. The owner is married and he's got a really understanding wife. She likes to drink and party with the guys as well but there's no funny business from both with the people that patron the bar. Just business and working the crowds.

That's great to see something like that. Not many people will enjoy such good times with their partner. Being with your partner almost the whole day sometimes leads to quarrels and a sense of smothering. It works for some but for a lot of others, especially men, like a little breathing room. I guess it's a guy thing. I won't be getting into that for now.

That night four lovely ladies came in with a guy and sat at the back of the bar area which had more room for all of them. Later the guy left, I suppose, because I went towards that direction since the toilets were there. Coming out, I glanced in their direction and noticed attracting smiles and heard whispers among themselves. Seeing that it was just them, I got my drink and moved to their table. In seconds all of them introduced themselves and we got on really well.

After some time, my friend came over and sat next to me but he just talked about some songs that were coming up. Immediately, I introduced him to them. I know that he wasn't there for me but what he really was up to was to have a closer look at the ladies. It is a tactic whereby the woman will feel comfortable the next time they come in. With me being there it made it easy for him. Later the other guy also did the same thing. Then came the boss himself and the wife in tow. He was just amazed that I was with these four ladies and the fact that it was their first time there just blew him away.

As the night went on, I was told that one was a sister to the other. One a friend and the other was getting married in a week. It looked more like a hen night then a gathering of friends. I wasn't about to do the striptease bit. Just before I got out of there, some guys that were nearby got closer and were watching the girls. One finally approached and said something to her. I didn't hear what it was but he got a smiling response from her.

The others never came forward but I could see the main guy still watching and keeping eye contact with the girl. I did mention to the girl next to me that he was the only one that did try to do something and because I was there it may have put him off from more conversation. She also asked how was it that I dared to come up to talk to them and such while others were staying away. Deep inside me I know about such things but I just told her that she can read about it on this blog.

It's amazing to me when I see other guys try their luck with girls. There seems to still be that unsure, non confident, shy, boy like and sometimes cowardly approach to women. Yes! The fact that women today are more informed, better educate and know what they want, should not leave guys to despair that she may look at you differently or worse of all reject your approach. Being shot down by a woman is not the end of the world. One may actually like you but if you don't try, ask or approach then how will you know?

Eventually I left after getting her email address. Hopefully those other guys did catch a break after I went. I didn't stick around to find out.

Bar advice. Many methods can be used to approach girls. First dig deep inside you to see if you're ready for the next step after you got her attention. Ask yourself,"Now what?"

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