Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spiritual relationship

What words come to mind when we ment word spiritual. We think of religion and all its practices and laws. Well, I'm not referring to that. We need to see the spiritual interior of ourselves in this world. You're probably wondering what I'm babbling about.

Having a spiritual relationship is the connection that we have with people in our lives that comes from deep within us. If we are in a relationship with someone, be it a wife or girlfriend, we need to ask ourselves one question. What is my intentions? In days gone by, old folks use to ask this same question to the boy that came over seeking for the ladies hand in marriage. A forgotten practice that we should learn from.

Take some time to just write down five things that describe what your relationship is like in your life right now. Don't write things you want or hope it can be but what the situation is really like for you in you heart and mind. If it's boring, frustrating or passionless, just say so. Now get your partner to do the same. If it's all done with sincerity, not to cause hurt or anger and to better the relationship then the results will amaze both people. Why, you ask?

It will strike up conversations between both sides about what they really feel and think about the relationship at that point in their lives. It makes you sit up and take note of the other person. Who they are and what they are still hoping to achieve. Do they feel loved? Am I doing my part? Is there something missing between us? Do I make my better half happy? Many more questions will arise in conversation between both sides on this subject.

The spiritual relationship also acts inside us with other people as well. Our family, colleagues, friends or even people that we meet and never think that we may see them again. Intention plays a major role that shows who and what we are from the inside that brings who we are, out. Would you take credit for someone else's work to please the boss and rob another of the reward when you did not do it? If so, what intentions did you have? Was it for your own glory? Do you hate the other person and want them gone? Are you trying to get ahead in the corporate ladder?

Whatever the situation is or persons that we are interacting with, the intentions come from our inner selves. It is an aspect of our spiritual relationship that works best if we seek it and bring it to light. When it grows with us, we can see our true selves and work the flaws we call human nature.

Bar advice. The connection within a spiritual relationship can manifest the intentions that we want or seek after in our lives.

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