Saturday, May 19, 2007

Times of frustration

Last Wednesday Kat dropped by and when I got her a ash tray she said she wasn't going to smoke because she had a cough for the whole week. She didn't come by on the previous Saturday and she said it was because she wasn't well.

Then I asked what she did with her time and she basically spelt out that she was in bed, didn't feel good and lots of people calling her and bugging the heck out of her. She said friends were calling her to go out for a meal, for a date, for drinks and so on but she was not in the mood and all these people were frustrating her.

It seems that when we are ill every little thing becomes a problem or a frustration to the point that we isolate ourselves away and not want to talk or do anything or even see anyone till we're back in circulation. If you're a smoker, the tendency to get frustrated becomes stronger because irritation to the throat gets worse but smokers need their 'fix' so to speak. Tempers can also rise when you get some moron calling you up and starts wining about their insecurities or people wanting to meet up but they don't have a clue that all you want to do is hibernate till hell freezes over then emerge from sleep, well and ready to face the world again.

All said and done, she was feeling better and had a nice brave smile on her face in spite the fact that she was still a little weak. I was watching her from the top of the bar and only noticed her because I was actually checking out a beauty in a red dress that passed her on the street. She said she knew I was looking at her and commented about the way she was moving her hips and ass a little more than usual because she was with a guy. I guess it's a girl thing to notice this sort of stuff.

She had to go for her classes and picked up her bag and started walking off. I asked her to move her ass a little like the girl in the red dress and got a quick "No" to it. I asked one more time. She then jokingly said "don't frustrate me" and walked down the stairs.

This hot prawn is really fun and I'll write about Saturdays incident later.

Bar advice. If someone can still be in the mood to come see you even if they're not fully recovered form being ill, must be a special person. What sort of person are you?

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