Sunday, May 20, 2007

Male erections

The other day I happen to pick up a magazine and was reading some articles about bars and such when I came across this section on questions from readers. The questions can be about anything really. From health issues to bars, women, men, dogs, dresses to whatever comes to mind. The 'genius' writer seems to answer them all.

It just so happen that a reader sent in a question about her boyfriend's erection. She asked why it happened when he was asleep and is it due to him possibly having wet dreams or something. To me it seemed that she may have been a much younger lady or just naive to these things till now. Anyway, the guy wrote about it and I'm going write some of the details that he wrote and add my own comments to it as well.

Basically a normal healthy male will have a few full erections during the course of the night. Blood circulates throughout the body and the penis, which is pure muscle, gets it's fair share thus the involuntary erection happen. The man is unaware of this unless he wakes up and feels it stiffness. There is more scientific explanations for it but that's the simple design layout of what takes place.

The column writer called it his 'morning glory'. I thought it made sense to call it that since it normally happens in the morning and you could say that it's a glorious part of the male anatomy. Also that may just be the hardest erection of the day.

If you're a young woman and want to know what in the world to do when this occurs, well, nothing. If a guy wakes up it will eventually subside down and he'll probably go take a piss but if he does it while it's still hard then you got some cleaning to do in the toilet because it's going to be all over the floor and walls. It's not that he can't aim well. It's just that the muscles will start to expand and contract while he's taking the piss so for a while he's lost control of his penis function and it becomes a nightmare.

If you're in love and when you see that his 'morning glory' is in full bloom. Take advantage of it. He's sleeping. Take it and place it inside you. If you weren't sure that he was having a wet dream, he'll be having one then. From a male stand point I'll tell you that you would be giving him a gift if you did that. Guys are horny at the moment they wake up because of this really hard erection. It gets that way because of the blood circulation as explained earlier and it activates the mind sexually as well because the penis endings makes that sensation flow to the brain. Their minds start to think of lustful thoughts because of the erection and if you're there they won't hesitate to get into action. If you get on top of him just be gentle as his bladder is still full so discomfort will be the feeling rather then pleasure.

Ladies, there's nothing to be shy about. I even heard that women have some sort of tingaling sensation in the mornings at their clitoris. This is not clear to me and only the females can confirm this. I got the morning news sent to you here about men and that's all I'm qualified to talk about. Just in case there's some of you out there that don't see your man having the 'morning glory' or any erection at all, guess what? He's probably got what we call penis erectile dysfunction. Sorry to say that this may not just be medical or physical but is sometimes psychological in nature that makes this come(or not cum)about. Seek medical advice.

If you want to have a happy sex life. Don't meddle with what's happening in his head when he's sleeping but rather take the head of his 'morning glory' to meddle with to wake him up. Trust me, if you want to have some of the best sex in your life than these are the things to consider and work on. He'll also be continously turned on and the two of you won't stop finding new ways to please each other.

Bar advice. The saying goes "make hay while the sun shines" and if you find a 'morning glory', all the better to start the day.

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