Friday, May 4, 2007

Discussing about sex

Discussing sex incorrectly or at the wrong time with your partner can lead to a number of undesirable consequences. You should not want your date to judge you, and you don't want your discussion to be marked with anger.

Many people are afraid of these problems. They are very shy when it comes to talking about sex with their partner. At the same time, if you are comfortable enough to have sex with someone, you should also be able to discuss it with them. However, one of the most difficult aspects of sex is bringing it up with someone you that you've never discussed the topic with before.

My advice to you is to avoid bringing up the subject of sex on the first date. It may very well be a recipe for disaster. Bringing up the discussion of sex on the first date will convey a message that you are not interested in their personality, but are instead simply focused on sex. This is perhaps one of the fastest ways to end a date. To avoid this problem, you must use self control. Get to know the person first before trying to immediately bring up the discussion of sex. You should take the time to become comfortable with the person you are dating. Once you have been on multiple dates with a person, and the two of you are more comfortable with each other, you can then bring up the discussion. Guys especially are in too much of a hurry. Why? Well he thinks that he may not get a second shot.

Even then, this should be done in a cordial manner. Avoid using vulgar words or expressions. You could ask the person if they are interested in spending more quality time with you alone. More often than not, this will convey the message that you are trying to get across, and they will either accept it or reject it. If your request is rejected, they will likely have a reason for it, and talking to them about it can allow you to learn more. In most cases, the person may want to get to know you better, or they may have a specific period of time they wish to wait before they engage in sexual relations with their partner. You should be searching for love as well, remember.

If you respect your date, you will understand this. It is wise to avoid trying to pressure someone into doing something they don't want to do. When they are ready, it will be much better for the both of you. Sex is a sensitive topic, and people will have their own beliefs based on their culture, religion, and upbringing. It is important for you to understand this.

We all want it. Yes, even the women, but we sometimes do stupid things when our animal instincts take over. Being horny is natural. Both men and women are, but, we have to be on the same page to enjoy each others comforts. Frankly, if you love someone and you're having sex with them as well, it's got to be the best feeling ever. true feelings of love in your heart adds to the act of making love. That's the kind of relationship that last a lifetime. The connection is strong and both partners know what the needs of the other one's are.

The first date sex may actually happen. Sometimes both people are just lonely or want to be loved for whatever reason and figure out the rest the next day. It's a chance taken and hopefully not regretted. It sometimes works out but it may just end. Some do it because they haven't been with anyone for a long period or the date resembles someone before. Some do it because they may be promiscuous. Try to get a sense of your dates intentions or non intentions. This is something that can't really be taught.

Bar advice. If you're going to go on dates. Be honest. True. Have fun. Flirt, but if the subject of sex does come up, don't ignore it. It may go either way. Good or bad. You'll be surprised that in this day and age, most people can talk about it fairly easy and they don't end up in bed unless they really want to.

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