Friday, April 6, 2007

If love is a Game, These are the Rules & More than a match

In the book to her widely acclaimed title, "If Life is a Game, These are the Rules", Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott has identified some basic knowledge that can help a person find, create and maintain authentic, long-lasting relationships. Some of these truisms may seem familiar, but as is the case with her other titles, a reader is bound to find a gem of wisdom, or two that may change their perspective and impact their lives.

"More Than a Match" explores the “compatibility factor,” demystifying the science behind matchmaking and giving you the tools you need to find the love you want. You’ll learn how to apply the specifics of good compatibility to a prospective date or mate, as well as how to break things off when you find yourself in the wrong relationship.

Bar advice. Fantastic marriages begin long before the exchange of the rings; they start when two people in search of love commit themselves to learning to how to love well…and forever so If life is a game, Here are the Rules but finding and keeping the love of your life is about much More Than a Match. Get it yet?

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