Friday, March 2, 2007

What's happening in the world today

I just thought that I should write about some things that are going on the world that we sometimes want to forget, not see or hear and sometimes ignore because we want to believe that the world and it's people are 'great'.

Well it's not. With all the advice that I have wrote, especially relationships, dating , love, sex and so on; where is the human relationships in the world?

The conflict that has been going on in places like Iraq, Israel, West bank, Gaza, Somalia, Darfor, Angola, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mogadishu, Sri Lanka, and so on and we can't do anything about it. There is no much of bloodshed and despair on a daily basis in these places and the death of people is unreal. Where is the sense of humanity from all these people. There may be some conflicts that are justified but surely others are purely out of greed and power. It's the people and the country that suffers when this happens.

We got to remember that we may be living in places that do not see this sort of thing, with food and water available anytime we want and medical care as well so spare a thought for others. You never know if you'll ever be in that situation. Things can go wrong really quickly in this unforgiving world.

Hunger is also another issue. The honest truth is that there is enough food to feed the whole world but nobody will give it away. Money is what is needed and those places don't have any. Medication and hospitals are also scares. Work and business is almost zero. Women in Asia, India, Africa, South East Asia, South America have to become prostitutes to get money to feed their families and children. the fear of getting HIV or AIDS is way back of these women's heads because their thoughts are on the fact that if they don't make any money, their families and themselves will die anyway. The sad truth is, it's a fact.

Terrorism, especially after 911, has still continued. The acts that are carried out on the innocent, leaves their families in financial ruin, hardship and the loss of a family member brings sorrow to all. Everyday someone is buried from war, conflict, hunger, terrorism, lack of medical aid, diseases and so on but life still goes on in those places. We just see these things on TV or in the papers but they live it on a daily basis. Try and put yourself in that position. I bet you couldn't last a day without your air conditioning or Starbucks. How about that spa treatment? Spending money on wasteful things that doesn't do you any good.

The real important and big headache at this moment is the people that have Nuclear technology. We are faced with the fact that countries like North Korea, China, Pakistan and almost Iran have the ability to start someting that could trigger devastation for all mankind. If something like this was to ever happen it would be the doom of the planet and us.

Treasure the fact that you may not be one of those that face these difficulties. That your life, family, spouse, siblings, lover, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends are with you. Those people don't.

Bar advice. Next time try and spare a thought for people that are suffering in those places when you're about to throw out that half eaten burger. Also, spare a prayer for them and for world peace. We need it now more then ever.

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