Friday, January 5, 2007

Working during the new year

It seems that everyone is hit with the bug of new year blues. What's that? Well it's the fact that we were on a party high during the Christmas and New Year holidays, that we don't want to step into the work place.

Some haven't returned to work as yet but they know the moment they step into the office they want to make a U turn out of there and head straight to the pubs. In my case the Roof Bar. January brings all the expats and tourist back from the US,UK, Europe and even some parts of Asia that are freezing still. The weather is really gone mad nowadays but all the more so for us to dive straight into work. Some of the people that have returned to work have headed straight to the nightspots to catch up with others. They still have that feel of having to neglect that the new year has arrived and just want to party a little more. Who can blame them?

Lots of them will also go see or find the working girls in the bars because they haven't seen them for a while and that gives them more of an opportunity to have another good drinking night. Of course there's the fact that the girls will be willing participants to follow the guys for even less cash because they just started the year and are in need of cash themselves. Both side will benefit from the situation and it looks like the party is set to continue. I have seen this happen year after year. One small problem that happens sometimes is that some of the guys come back after the holidays and tell me that their marriage is on the verge of divorce. Sometimes these things happen, whereby the wife is not too happy that the spouse is so far away and too long away as well.

When these guys have been out in this part of the world for this long and find the difference in the Asian girl, they look disappointed to actually return home. It's not good as children are sometimes involved in the whole mess and that's a little unfair for them. Some fellow that I know have actually married girls from this region and are really happy and sometimes don't even want to go back. The fact that they have family back at which ever country that they came from compels them to return due to those family ties. The weather is what the dread the most.

Bar adice. Look inside and keep true to yourself and family. Never make rash decisions and remember what are most important in your life.

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