Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year...Wow 2007 is here.

I could not write during the eve or the first two days as I was partying a little too much. I think most of us would have done so. Now that it's a new year, what do we do?

Lots of people would have made their resolutions and such, which they are not going to keep, and some didn't even think about it till today because they were partying too much so they're not sure what to change for the new year. Probably nothing. I didn't really make any either. Not because I didn't remember but because I just decided to make decisions and not waste time on wishful thinking.

This will be part of what i am deciding to do and I'm going to write these things down before they get diminished or fade away from my thoughts. What are some of these things? Well first of all I got to change this blog to the full extent of my abilities and not just limit down to talking about girls and booze and fun stuff. I have decided to make it more flexible. basically I'll talk about all sorts of things and how it effects us.

That doesn't mean that I won't be bring up all the stuff I advised people about that have sought my advice at the bars. The whole thing connects really. It's mashed up between what's now and stuff I know. Basically I'm going to merge what I know about from my current place. The Roof Bar with all the others before and add stuff that's happening to me now. Somehow this blog has become my bar and I'm pouring out the stuff out just like a patron.

Bar advice. We all need a bartender to talk to. some find it elsewhere.

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