Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing before Christmas

We all do it. We want something before that date arrives. It reflects many people. Even if you're not in that faith religiously. We know what it feels like because we see it in the people around us day to day.

People are either shopping for presents, booking hotel rooms or dinner reservations for that night. Well, we want all that too but some may be having a bad year so it's not going to work out as we like. Then what?

Well, we make the best of it. Remember that girl Brenda that I mentioned before, well I haven't spoken to her for about 2 weeks and today I messaged her for her zip code. She replied back with it but asked the reason. She indicated that if I was sending a card, it would get there late but I replied that it wasn't a card at all. In fact she doesn't know it but I'm sending her Diamond earrings. Why?

Well I'm surprising her. I did not contact her for 2 weeks because I just felt that we needed space and this time of the year is a tense period. If I push it I may loose her all together. I hope she likes what she gets. Whatever it is, I still really, really, really like her.
I leave it to faith that falls next year. I'll highlight about this again soon.

Bar advice. Let things take it's course slowly sometimes. We're all only human.

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