Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking forward to the New Year or not.

The end of the year is coming so what is going on in our heads. Well, for some it's work, business, new beginnings and for others it's who am I going to be with to party on new years eve.

Just like Christmas we sometimes have that sense of loneliness. New year, however, is celebrated by everyone around the planet so just as we are looking forward to new beginnings, we also want to have a last ending and going out with a bang. What is going to happen is we will start to give ourselves resolutions for the coming year and tell ourselves that we got to stick to them. The problem is that we also tell ourselves that we got a few days to party like mad.

We hit the bars, clubs, massage places and some maybe even the red light districts. It's natural and a lot of people will be doing just that. Two years ago I remember a really great, freak out time we had at a previous bar that I had. There were so many hot girls and the guys were salivating just looking at them. There were some hookers but it was all fun. Like I said, everyone celebrates the new year. The feeling in the air was like a full moon above and all the coyotes were howling. Something you see in the movies or cartoons.

We all got that animal magnetism. It draws the male and female togetherness and when there's something to celebrate and lots of drinks at the bar, then hormones take over and we go a little nuts over sex. The opposite sex, even if less attractive on that night, is still pursued because everyone wants to end with a bang like I said. Somehow we just want something special before the last day of the year. some because it was a really bad year for work or some because they are far away from the one they love. Maybe some need to fill a space when they broke up with someone recently. Even the hookers will throw in a freebie if they like you.

Bar advice. Before the end of the year comes. Make those resolutions. In fact make a long list of it then after that when the first day comes. Take out that list and throw it all away except one. Why? Because it's hard to change. You'll feel better when you can do one then not do any.

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