Sunday, December 3, 2006

Loneliest time of the year

With Christmas coming and the year ending we tend to look back at stuff we did during the last twelve months. sure there's a lot of us that will be seeing family and friends but there's also a lot that will be far away from all of them.

If you're a expat working away from home the loneliness sets in as the days get closer to Christmas and New Years. Singles are not too upset but married ones a little though. What is one to do. Some of the guys I know that are married but are working here alone have been fooling around with a lot of the girls that it only really hits them the moment this time of the year comes around. The regret and shame is inside them when they have to make a telephone call on Christmas morning to the family. Knowing that last night on Christmas Eve he just made love to a hooker or a SPG and that side of the bed is still warm even after she left. The scent of her perfume still fills the air as the conversation takes place even to the kids.

Guys think that they can get away with it. They forget to cover their tracks like credit card or phone bills that should have been thrown out or redirected. They meet up with other expats and it becomes a party. The girls seem easy and friendly so temptation sets in. Lust overcomes them more than the booze that they have been drinking and they feel like a teenager again. Seeing, testing, hoping to get to first base then make a home run which ultimately means getting into the sack. As World Aids Day has recently passed, let us be aware that it's still around and hasn't gone a way yet. For that matter there still isn't a cure.

A lot of the girls know that the guys want to be with someone during that time of the year. Why? Well they're in the same boat as well. Do not for one second think that they're here to make more money than usual because of the season. They too want to go back and be with the family. Letting someone fuck them and fear that the Christmas present that they get could be a death sentence is all too real for them as they're with different guys all the time and every night. I feel sad for the girls sometimes. The thing for them is that the grass is greener on the other side. That's why they come to Singapore. It's the lure of bigger money and better chances than being where they are and all other girls competition for them in their own country. If they had money they wouldn't be here either.

Bar advice to the guys. Respect the girls because they wouldn't be doing what they're doing if it wasn't necessary. All of them got a story and reason as to why they are here. Also respect yourself and family enough to know that it could all be gone a heartbeat.

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