Friday, December 8, 2006

Beautiful girls

Guess what? Women are all over the place but we are not looking at the right places all the time. Here's a little story about myself at this moment. Here I an meeting this lovely girl Brenda and she's just driving me nuts.

Why you ask? Well. After all the hard time that I had over the last several years, I haven't been with a really wonderful women like her for some time . Wow! She is just fantastic. It's like watching the Niagara Falls and the Angel Falls all roped into one. Small problem. She's getting over someone that she herself told me that she's not in love with but the subject of a another previous boyfriend never seems to elude her conversation or memory. I'm stupid but I think she's great. Reasons...well, I shall reveal sometime later.

At this moment I got to say that everyone always wants to be with someone. Even if you look at the most notorious of gangsters or criminals throughout the centuries, you will find that most of them had someone that loved them or even the fact that they loved others and spent money to do 'good deeds' that help others even though they were that bad of character. All that is good will happen to all that work at it and remember there's no FREE ride.

Bar advice. We all want happines, joy and love. It is coming to Christmas so let us find a way to not be alone. Loneliness is a killer. Change that today.

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