Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Add Variety To Your Sex Life?

For the guys...

Lets talk about variety
Variety is the spice of life, and it is definitely a big one to transform your sex life!

So, how to add variety to your sex life?

Emotional Variety

This is the most important type of variety in sex. Some times you should go for a romantic experience. Start with a massage and spend loads of time with foreplay. Tell her how much you love her and how great it feels to make love to her. Other times you should give her the authoritative and dominant style. Playfully tear her clothes off getting in the door and talk dirty to her. Shake things it up! Don't give her the same emotional experience every time.


Most guys don't have a problem with fantasy, especially since they are more likely to have seen porn online or seen magazines, etc but that is really fake. It's an industry that is driven on sexual stimulation combined with peoples sexual desire and curiosity that makes them money. So please don't think real women does what you've read or seen in porn. Some women might but that's not what should be applied here. 

Do you really understand how much (emotional) fantasy is involved in a woman's sex life? Women do and feel great if a guy can trigger this in the right way. Author Danielle Steele is the seventh best selling author of all time with 550 Million books sold because she knows how to turn a woman on emotionally.  If a woman picked up her book to read, they are immediately connected emotionally because she writes it that way. If guys can tap into this then your woman will be more into you.


Your sex life is dead in the water if it's just routine. Day in day out the same routine, time slot, sexual method, etc. Doom! There are many things one can do if you put your mind to it. If you're the sort that just takes her out once a week then go back and have your weekly romp in bed then it's all done and if this sounds like you...then you need to try some of these immediately!
  • Wake her up with sex. (A slow morning approach before she wakes up. Fantastic!)

  • Surprise her in the shower. (A woman likes privacy but intimacy and spontaneity wins)

  • Pull over on the side of the highway and get it on in the car. (Simple and effective)

  • Do it in the kitchen, the pool, the stairs, the back yard. (Sex around the house is fun)

  • Take an afternoon off to do nothing but have sex. (Make sudden special time just for her)

Different Positions

I bet you thought when I mentioned variety earlier it meant different positions. Incredible sex isn't about putting her in the reverse upside down doggy style one night and the inverted spinning frogy style the next. Even the simple missionary style can be fulfilling if there is great connection on both emotional and physical levels. That being said, a little variety of positions can go a long way. By combining the emotional feed, fantasy and different approaches in your sex life, you can keep changing and making it exciting for both of you.

 Bar Advice. Where possible, sex should never be planned, made routine, or obligatory.

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