Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Gold Medal Event - Sex

Olympics Gold Medal Event - Sex
The Olympics gold medal event is a daily occurrence we see in the 16 days of glory when an athlete is on top form, performs well and is at peak. Yes, we love to see a winner and so do the athletes themselves. With all that toned, firm and sexy looking babes and hunks in the Olympic village, its a wonder anyone gets any sleep. It seems there is lots of sex at the Olympic village.

Every time 10000 athletes are placed in the village and it becomes a party zone like Las Vegas. Even former swim star Susan Summers said "What happens in the village, stays in the village". Can you really blame them? After all, throw a party with beautiful, young, and in this case healthy, energetic people in one place and you are bound to attract someones eye or whatever body part you prefer.

This year in particular, unprecedented, all nations have female athletes sent to the games. This wasn't the case before especially from Muslim nations but this year everyone's included. So its truly a mash of every guy or girl from every nation looking at everyone in one single place. So now the Olympic village sex London party is in full gear

So how did all this news about Olympic village sex come about?  Well it seems that stories have arisen from past Olympians and the athletes spill details of dirty secrets of Olympic village that happened. What's that? Yes, one on one sexual encounters and even orgies have been mentioned. In fact, thousands of free condoms will be available. Organizers have heard enough about village antics from previous games to know there will be heavy demand by athletes for contraception.

With so many beautiful people in one spot, can you blame them? In the end its memories of a lifetime and everyone is human. Most have never even stepped out of their own countries, let alone seen people of different races or culture up close and personal. It's going to be memorable this summer games.

Bar Advice. Stronger, Higher, Faster may mean different things to some. LOL.

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