Friday, May 18, 2012

Sexual Aura

Sexual Aura
There's this really strange, mystical and invisible aura that surrounds those that are projecting their sexual side. People, both men and women, all have it but there are those that just have it a little more than others.

A lot of these unique individuals don't even realize that they are doing anything out of the ordinary. Have you ever sensed everyone looking at you when you enter a room? Most women have some sort of natural radar so to speak, that tells them a guy is paying 'extra' attention to them. There are times also where she will feel uncomfortable when someone she doesn't fancy is eying her. The one that that really gets to me sometimes is when her modesty button kicks in and she tries not to make eye contact with a guy that she knows like her but holds back too much. What's that all about? If you like someone you should indicate so. Playing hard to get can end up making you and old maid.

Guys on the other hand are totally different. Since prehistoric days women seem to be more attentive to the 'brute'. If the guy is macho and personifies a tough, strong image then he's probably going to be with a lot of girls. The women that want this sort of guy will only wish that he's got a sensitive side as well. How are they suppose to take him to see mummy if he's doesn't?

Some women like the guy a little timid because they don't like domineering guys. Some prefer chubby fellows because they feel that he won't be too attractive to other women. Guys also like women less pretty so that their chances are higher in getting her. Lot of guys also feel that someone less attractive will not have too much wants and needs. Both women and men who have trouble getting a partner are more prone to living a single life than marrying someone they are not sure about.

The thing about the sexual aura is that the individual must desire for another person to enter their life. You don't go putting on your nice clothes, combing your hair, wearing nice shoes and go out only to come home to your parents house and family dog, right? When you're putting yourself out there for the whole world to see, you got to 'want' someone to take notice. Flirt a little if necessary. Make eye contact. Your seduction success depends on a variant of factors. Flaunt what you got. Make someone take notice to the point that the other person really wants to know you better. You need to focus on your 'intention' of getting someone in your life and only than can it happen.

There are lot of individuals out there that know this little 'secret' already. They just have it and they use this sexual aura to their favour. It's easy for them to be able to get anyone they want. Some women can make men turn their heads even if the guy is walking on the street with another woman. Guys can bring out a smile from a girl on the other side of the room and flirt with her twenty feet away with her not taking her eyes off him. The power of this sexual aura can also be sensed by the same gender at that present moment. By this I mean that another woman or man can sense that energy off the person that is personifying it.

These individuals are normally envied by others because other people want that type of charisma. End of the day, some people have it and some don't. However, it doesn't mean you have none and good news is, you can pick it up just by being around others. Observe these people and you'll see that even the slightest gesture, in many cases none at all, will draw attraction towards them.

Bar Advice. Finding someone is hard enough. Getting them or just their attention is more difficult unless you desire it in your aura.

Constant Fighting With Your Partner

Constant Fighting With Your Partner
What can be the true cause of the constant fighting with your partner? Is there a value you dislike? Something they do that drives you crazy each time?  Lack of money? Comparison of past relationships keeps coming up? Ever think your personal issues may be the reason?

Your internal conflict can spill outwards and create relationship problems. A fine example is not feeling worthy of true love but wanting to be accepted.  Feeling unloved can lead people to doubt in their partner’s love towards them. Like trying to validate what is there or they are unable to accept or feel the love that their partner shows because of some unknown subconscious issues.

Basically anything their partner says or does that confirms this unfounded belief will hit them to the core and rekindle past memories that may be the main cause. Often resulting in the conclusion that their partner does not love them. It then feels totally true to them because it triggers that belief internally of being unlovable. This may not necessarily be with a previous partner. It could go back to when they were a child and witnessed disaster in their parents relationship or they were not loved like in most families.

Sadly there is a belief that if they get out of an bad relationship that they will be happy. Then later they find themselves in the same situation with someone else. This adds to their train of thought that no one cares or loves them enough or even prevents them from being with anyone again. Fact is, you cant run away from yourself and you need to see that you could be the problem. No one likes to see themselves as the issue but if more people checked themselves, less fighting will occur.  With all that in mind, remember, finding a soul mate is already hard itself.

If you examine your self defeating beliefs that are blocking your happiness things could change dramatically. Talk about the problem with your partner or get professional help even. Change your beliefs and change those that are not serving you then your relationships will begin to heal.

Bar Advice. Your partner will see a new beginning in your changed approach in the relationship and even they will change and you will see things in a different prospective in your life.