Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have a friend that got some news from her doctor last year that she could not bear children. It's one of those many cases of people that have this problem. Male infertility is also something that happens but mostly it's hit by the female gender probably because they are the child bearers.

Male infertility is becoming a more common topic when it comes to reproductive issues but female infertility is still the most often talked about concern. No matter how many 'how to' infertility books are out there, there are just some women that are unable to have a child without some assistance and that's when you need all the information you can get.

Some female infertility issues can be handled through natural means. There is some research indicating that acupuncture and infertility are linked. Studies are showing that having regular acupuncture treatments may improve the health of the body, which then can help infertility. This natural infertility treatment is becoming a much more popular first step in the fight to have a child in a natural way. Herbal remedy for infertility options also exist that can assist in making the body more 'willing' to have a pregnancy.

We may never be positive about what can cause infertility. There is recent speculation that the cause of female infertility might be as simple as having a weaker body that won't become pregnant because it feels like it can not support the full term pregnancy. Other infertility journals speculate that women might have trouble with conceiving because of other infertility problems - smoking, stress, improper diet, etc. Some infertility causes aren't as clear as changing a diet or trying to take better care of yourself.

One solution that comes up on many infertility forums a process in which one sperm is placed in to one egg outside of the body in order to create new life. These infertility services don't rely on the hope that one of many sperm will reach an egg but rather they make sure that the egg and sperm meet up and then it's up to the embryo to attach to the uterine wall. The cost of infertility treatment options like this is high but the chances of success seem to be much higher as well.

You might also want to consider drug infertility treatments in order to stimulate the body into ovulating, if this is the cause of the female infertility. Infertility drugs are highly successful when the treatment plan is followed and can even result in multiple births for some parents. The woman will need to inject herself with hormones in order to stimulate egg production and more eggs being released. And this can help to improve the chances of the egg and sperm finally meeting up to make a pregnancy.

While an infertility cure is never certain, female infertility does have many options that can be utilized. When you're trying to make the decision, it can help to do research on your own first to see what options are available before heading to your doctor for their opinion.

Bar advice. I'm no doctor but keeping a healthy positive mind is also beneficial. Also, prayer never hurts when wishing for kids.

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Anonymous said...

"acupuncture and infertility are linked..."

but you mean that acupuncture helps fertility, right? sorry, early morning, i may be a bit to grogged out still to get all this. either way, i haven't heard anything about fertility/infertility as related to acupuncture, but i'm quite interested in natural solutions... any links?

For dietary and lifestyle concerns as related to infertility I have found this site to be rather thorough and helpful, something to check through before you turn to professional help.

A friend of mine who went through IVF just had her baby girl, who's a beautiful creature of course... 6lbs. 9 oz.