Monday, March 3, 2008

Singer Cassie

I recently met R&B Singer Cassie, online. She's currently promoting her new movie and new album out this month. The movie's called Step Out 2. She acts, dances and sings the theme song in it. When I first sent her a message she was kind of pissed off with me because I asked if it was really her adding everything online including the messages. Here's her reply...

"hey there, if u hav ever heard me state in my interviews.... i do my own sites.. no one does the dirty work for me, although there are people here who pose as me.... this is the official cassie site!!"

Could you blame me for thinking that a celebrity would pay someone for doing this work for them. She did forgive me so I guess she may have understood why I asked that question in the first place. Later I asked her if I could call her just by her first name Cassie. I was also going on like I knew her for ages and here's her reply...

"sure u can... im really glad u asked that question... coz really, i have a separate blog at and i try to keep all my fans updated nd give information on there... and i use You Tube too lol, just look at all the videos on my profile but i really like to keep my fans informed they're the people who made me sooo its only right to interact with them and keep them in the know... oh and the photo comments; thank you so much that was sweet of u.... the latest with me... my major role in the movie step up 2: the streets ... i don't kno if you've heard of it but it was released on valentine's day... and my album will soon be released in may hopefully the 20th...called the return.... and my single... my first single will air on the radio sometime in march called official girl so... ya take care... thnx for being interested!!"

As I was still chatting I check out the blog and found another website which I asked her about because it had videos of her and her hairstylist Caesar talking about a party they attended with other stars and got this reply....

"oh kool is my band website,,, but the other site i just named is official as well... and well that video with caeser was a long time ago.... now i am in new york trying to promote both movie and album... any way... i must go... bye!!"

I know there's a lot of grammer mistakes by her. She wasn't writting a blog but a message to me so forgive her. So now once in a while I get a message out and Cassie replies when she's free. Normally within a day or two. Can you believe that? Like I said before, you never know who you can meet online and who can become a friend. I know it's not like she'll be thinking about me or anything like that but it's nice to know she'll remember me every time I send a message. Also she seems so pleasant and down to earth. Cheers to my new friend, her movie and her new album. May she win a Grammy next year.

Bar advice. Don't prejudge who you don't know. People, yes even celebrities, can surprise you with who they are deep down inside.

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Denise said...

That's cool!
Actually I used to talk to her, too. But not over Myspace. I guess you know where ;)
She's really sweet and she never sounded that bitchy like to you lol
So her albumwill really be names The Return. Eww. I don't like that title. Sounds like a horror movie. I hope she changes it!