Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Using technology when meeting people.

Recently I got to know this lovely model cum porn star. She does a lot of photo shoots with clothes on but she does nude stuff as well. At first I didn't know that she did all this but when I got to see some of her "normal" sexy pictures I was really impressed with her. She's actually Japanese but living somewhere else(not saying) and is still studying.
Talking to this girl is not easy. She's highly in demand and I assume a lot of guys are interested to talk with her but she's told me that she doesn't like to chat with people all that much via the Internet. I try not to bother her too much because I don't want to loose her as a friend. Never met a porn star before so, as a guy, you can't blame me for fantasizing. She actually agreed to meet me if I did come around to where she was staying but I would have to give her ample notice. At least two months. Can you believe that?

I managed to get this short video. Maybe even some of you girls will get turned on. I know the guys will. All the other videos are not really hardcore videos but more soft porn than anything else. While using technology when meeting people can be easier, it also gives people methods of expression that tells people who they are and not be afraid about it. We can be repulsed or condone this but we have to accept that people's choices are their own.

Uploaded by Bar-Advice

Bar advice. You never know who you'll meet online. Sometimes people that seem unreachable wants a friend.

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