Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kissing a woman

IT is an experience that most people would remember. Their first French kiss. Some people would say it was a great experience while some would prefer not to mention it. A lot of us, it happened too fast, we forgot what happened even because we were too excited in the moment. Of course some of us were too young or didn't realize we were even doing it right. One thing we all know is that French kissing is a very delicate and sensual experience.

Research shows women's lips are one of their erogenous zone, so it's important for men to leave a lasting impression with women. If you French kiss her like no one else, you'll most likely to kiss something else of her next. know what I mean? The skill of kissing does not simply consist of knowing how to move your tongue inside a woman's mouth without hitting her tonsils. It involves the entire mouth. The lips, tongue, cheeks and the rest of the body.

Give the lady a hand. Position your hands on her body while kissing her. Hold her face, chhek area, firmly but gently as you slip your tongue inside her mouth and suck on her lips. This will definitely make her toes curl. Also, try to gently pull her hair back from the back or slightly squeezing the part of her body that is located right under her ribs. This could make for some very enticing kissing sessions.

Pay attention to the way she kisses. People often give out what they would like to receive, so pay attention to the way she kisses you. That could be an indication of the way she wants you to kiss her. Does she bite on your lips? Reciprocate. She will love you for it. Tell her what you like. Does your loved one kiss you like she's trying to suck the life out of your body? Does she kiss too fast, too slow, or without using her tongue? Some women like it slow and gentle while others like it a bit more rough and demanding. Try not to tell her what you don't like, but rather what you do like. That way you won't hurt her feelings.

Control her mouth. The next time you kiss her, hold her face with your hands tenderly and kiss her the way you would like to be kissed. If this doesn’t turn her on, then your sensual tongue will surely do the trick. Make it long lasting. Women love long, slow, juicy, and enticing kisses. Your partner will definitely feel your passion through one of those prolonged tender kissing moments. Just like in the movies, kiss her hard and deep.

One last method, that I like myself. If you can come from behind her, start kissing her from the shoulders upward. Remember that you are standing at the back of her at all times. This method can only be applied if she wearing something that's showing her shoulders. Now slowly kiss upward to the neck area. Get her to feel the intensity of what's to come. If you're already in a deeper relationship, you can hold her in an embrace that lets her feel your body toucing hers. Now, slowly start to kiss her and move to the front of her at the same time. Don't break the kissing but let it flow naturally. She'll start to react and if she's keen she'll start to take over or just react more so. Both may start to actually feel horny at this point but than again that's the whole point, isn't it?

Bar advice. Kissing a woman is suppose to be fun. Don't complicate it with a lot of applied technique. Relax, and the magic will happen.

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