Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kissing woes for guys

If you're so new to experiencing success with women that you find yourself hesitating to kiss them, even when you're alone with them, this is for you. Even for those guys out there who are otherwise doing find but can't seem to transition easily to kissing, this is still helpful.

Alright, you're alone with her, or at least a private area with her, she's sticking around in a way that indicates she's interested and you want to kiss her but you mentally freeze up. If you've been in this situations too many times, and didn't go for it, chances are you eventually lost the girl's interest and the only result you got was a lingering feeling for days, "I should have kissed her." You know if the moment is gone, so is your chance. Like Nike says, "Just do it." That would work. Maybe. It works theoretically because you can read that when there are no girls around and think in your mind, "Hell, yeah, next time I'm going to "just do it!" Then when next time comes around, you're hesitating again and still unsure of yourself. Instead I will give you a fool proof method to not only successfully kiss her, but to do so in a way you will find fun and allow you to skip past your hesitation.

She could be talking, drinking, fiddling with her hair, listening to you talk, or just plain sitting there like a lump on a log. It doesn't matter. Getting over the kissing woes for guys could be simple. May not work on all girls but is good to know. Just move towrds her slowly and look at her for a sec, then her bare neck, then back at her eyes(her eyes will be following yours by now) and then go in and start licking and kissing her where shoulder meets her neck. She will make freaky noises and giggle and then you come up for air after a few seconds and smile. Then ask her one of two possible questions. "How did it feel?" or "Do you want to know what it feels like?" Either way, kiss her on the lips, without waiting for an answer. It doesn't matter how she responds to the question, her openness to your kissing her is now increased by a factor of ten because you just did something outrageous, flirty, fun, and sexy.

If she didn't like it and pushes you away, it's probably not you. It could be though. Possibly she's not all that ready to move further or isn't experienced as yet. At least you got a kiss in. Once a girl I kissed looked at me stone cold after I did that and asked, "Why did you do that?" and I said "Because I wanted to know if you're as hot as you look." She laughed and we kissed more. Other times just went like clockwork. Shrieks, laughing, then kissing. Yes, if you look at this logically, it's retarded, but it accomplishes something that "just do it" lacks. It JUST DOES IT. So get out there and just lick it.

Bar advice. Not every girl wants to be kissed so soon. You got to make a judgement call on the right timing. First dates, it's a No No but it does work for some when it's tried.

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