Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picking up the pieces

I recently met this guy at a bar and we were talking about work and problems in the world. Even the weather, of all things, because that's no longer a subject of convenience since we're battling global warming and it effects everyone. There's also the natural disasters that occur but we ended up talking about his personal disasters.

He seemed like a nice guy so I asked him to tell me about the problem. He went on about how he met his girlfriend, what they did and all that. It dragged on a bit but he insisted to tell me the story with more details thinking that I wouldn't understand if he didn't. Lot of graphical descriptions were added as well. He bought me a beer so I had to go through it but I knew that it would be therapeutically for him to just release what was bottled up inside.

It seemed that the the girl and him had been going out for about a year. Their in the mid twenties and having fun and both are working as well. The got decent blue collar jobs but recently the girl got a bit of a promotion. It seems that the boss had taken a liking to her. It all started at her company dinner and dance and she brought him but everyone assumed that she was unattached. I asked him why that was. He said, as the night went on, he found out later from her colleague that she was really carefree at work. Flirted with all the guys at work. Dressed quite seductively at times and was very forthright with guys. It seems that she was having two lives and keeping secrets from him. Before I could ask another question he interupted me and told me to wait till the story had ended.

The worse was yet to come. He told me that she was suppose to go to a company barbecue on one of the weekends and he couldn't come but in truth she had spent the weekend with her direct boss at a hotel. The same colleague, whom he got the number from, told him because he wanted an inside source and promised not to reveal names. They had a heated argument and it seems she denied everything. They argued for days over the phone and on several meetings. He told me he was hurt that they never slept together but she went with someone else and now they had broken up. His hand raise to halt me from asking questions. So I let him continue.

Then he goes on to tell me the colleague and himself were still in contact after that and the person happened to be female. They started talking on the phone for hours on end on a daily basis. Him pouring his feelings out to her about his broken heart and she trying to console him. Then he says they started going out and when it came to Christmas, they got a room. Sometime after they had made love and still in the nude, the door bell rang. She answered it and let in the guest but immediately went to the bathroom. The guy was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend there. The ex was stunned to see him with her colleague.

The girl emerged from the bathroom, all dressed, and shouted at his ex for being too friendly with the guy she really liked. The boss. She also accused her of getting the promotion by unscrupulous means. She revealed that she planned all of it from the start and how she injected stories and false information into his mind about his ex-girlfriend so she could hurt her the same way. She left after a bit more words.

The ex-girlfriend cried after that and as she looked at him she asked why he didn't trust her or believe her in the first place. Their relationship had been destroyed and what he did in the hotel room with the girl was the last nail in the coffin. She felt he was forever dead to her. She left crying and he was left to contemplate what had happened over all that time. What was happening to his life and why he mistrusted his girl in the first place? Will he be able to go picking up the pieces in his life?

Bar advice. Things like this do happen in real life and not only in movies. Sympathy for this guy is normal but I advised him certain things that I won't write here. Just be a witness to his story and learn.

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