Monday, January 21, 2008

Topic Of Sex

I meet up with a total sexy stranger online yesterday. We started talking about all sorts of stuff from her work, which is modelling, to relationship advice, her outfits she wears at modeling shows, photo shoots and of course we headed to the topic of sex. She's half my age yet she was comfortable(being online) talking about those things but did get her a little shy at times when persisting for certain answers.

Anyway this is one hot babe who had all these great photos of herself and I could see them flashing on MSN messenger that we were chatting on. They just kept coming up one after another. A load of it and was either in sexy bikini, lingerie or car show outfits. There was even a Coppertone advertisement with two other girls in the sun. I was just blow away by her. Remember she can't see me as we weren't on cam.

As we got into all sorts of discussions, she revealed that she only ever had one boyfriend but he dumped here sometime after several occasions when they were intimate. She lost her virginity to him. Sadly, and it's more often than not, lots of guys do and say anything to get the girl. What comes after is immaterial to them. He went for it, he scored and now he cheers. Who cries after? It's always the girl. This girl was just seventeen at the time. She also included a story(after the boyfriend) about a masseuse that came over to massage her friends but she ended up having sex with him. She said to me, "I was really stupid back then."

As we kept going on about everything on the topic of sex, I started to realize that she wasn't all that bright about the matter. I asked if she knew or had done certain things and her answer was in the negative. That's when I felt that she was just pretending to be knowledgeable about things like intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, sexual positions and even a subject that she brought up. Anal sex!

I gave comments about the sexy pictures she had. She liked it and I told her which ones I thought were the best. She was really interested in hearing my opinion that after I told her I would have loved to have seen what her tits would have looked like, she took a digital shot of her tits to show me. She told to keep it to myself. When I saw it, and boy was it a good set, I was blown away. However, naughty me asked for another one saying that the shot was taken too quickly and blurred. She refused but after some coaxing she agreed. With all the sweet words I used, I got her to basically take off all her clothes and snap more. I finally got four but when I asked for a shot of her Virgina, she drew the line. More coaxing almost did the trick but it never materialized.

Her words about being "stupid" echoed in my head. I know she wasn't but a stranger just got to see her naked. The power of the Internet in real time. I felt she was just more curious then naive when I asked her, and she agreed, that she was not sure about her body and awarkward sensations she feels at times. She said parts of her was screaming for someone to really show her what it was like to be made love to as a woman. I of course volunteered myself. She declined at first, so should a young lady, but I reminded her that she had just let me see naked pictures of her. At this point I just want to add that she has one of the hottest looking bodies that I've seen in a long time especially breast with nipples that was howling at the moon. Not joking about it! Call me whatever you want but I couldn't pass up this beautiful creature after seeing her naked. Sorry I can't show her naked picture here for all to admire.

We were up to the point of me asking her for her address to "party" with her. She wanted me to describe the things I was going to do to her. I guess she must have also been turned on. Then, of all things, she asked if I was intending to bring someone along, have anal sex with her and even told me that I couldn't cum inside her but only in her mouth. How much more descriptive can you get? These were her little inklings not mine. As it got till morning she decided to give it more time and come back to the messenger chat another time so we could get to know each other better. Why not? I almost got an album at this point of time. I can't wait.

Bar advice. I keep telling people that sometimes you never know what to expect and here's the proof. Sure it's a little superficial but I had it handed to me on a silver platter . Will see how far I will be able to go with her.


msSmunro said...

I look forward to the update!

As a male do you, yourself, have any concerns about being another on her list who made her cry?

Just curious.

Bar Advice said...

Will update in future