Saturday, January 19, 2008

Advice on email flirting

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet singles out there through the use of the Internet. However, you can also use another tool with people that you already know, or don't, and it's the email service. Emails that you exchange is a vital feature of online dating sites. Also for office or personal usage. Through emails, you could get to know more about someone or you could even flirt. An email can be very useful to flirt with anyone around who is an online junkie or is tied to the desk because of work. Here's advice from on how to effectively connect with anyone through email.

How can you effectively flirt using email? Flirting through emails is necessary at the beginning of your correspondence with single people. Flirting is the first step before you could meet face to face, unless you already know them, and that is what online dating subscribers, colleagues or friends are aiming for. Just like regular flirting, it all depends on your chemistry with the person. Even if you're bereft of body languages to use, with online chemistry, flirting may still fail.

Flirting is very crucial because most of the time, if not properly done, it sends misunderstood messages. One example is flirting using "about the past" messages. If you think that saying that you understand things like these because you experienced them beforehand, then you're wrong. This includes past girlfriends, relationships or break-ups. This will only make your online date uncomfortable. That's not a good way to flirt. Trying to flirt with someone in the office or some business contact will probably get you blocked.

You should also be careful about your grammar when flirting using emails. Women are easily turned off by men who don't know how to express themselves right in print. Men don't like having to read over what a woman has written as they already find it hard to understand them as it is. Wrong grammar and misspellings translate disasters. Like those cases where you interchange "your" with "you're"? Well make sure you proofread your messages before you actually send them. We're all busy and sometimes it's forgivable but we shouldn't have to try understanding what you write since it may already be hard just trying to understand you itself.

What you should do is write messages that stimulate the interest of your partner. One example is sending her humorous emails. You should use funny stories to your advantage but make sure not to go overboard. You should remember that you're actually flirting so insert harmless teases and ask them flirtatious questions to generate a response. There are a lot of people that like the online flirting emails especially if in the office because it gives them a chance to get away from routine. Also, just keep your emails short and simple. Long emails tend to bore people so just keep them light and readable. This way, your message will be clearly sent and not have the danger of being lost after the 100th paragraph. If you know what I mean. Do remember too that people have to work as well.

You could also try giving compliments through email. Show sincerity. This tells people that even though you are funny and playful, you also have a sensitive side. This will make them want to see you in person more. Sending an ecard can also add a touch of gift appreciation. It won't cost you any real money so why not? If you've been emailing someone at work, for example, than slowly make request about having some drinks after or maybe dinner. Even if things start to go well and you've become a couple, emails are like little reminders that you're thinking about that person. It's like you dropped by to say "hello". It shows your interest. The recipient will have a smile on their face.

Don't send out anyting on weekends. Why? Well, they'll think you're at home all the time. No real social life after work hours. May find it claustrophobic to have to answer emails all the time from you, including weekends. Only send something if it's like a surprise for the beginning of the work week or something you know they'll really like.

So there, my advice on email flirting is just make sure that your emails are short, funny and is free of any emotional anecdotes. Email flirting, like in actuality, still takes a lot of practice so don't be afraid to send messages and gauge the different reactions that you get. If you do it right, you'll be an expert at online flirting in no time.

Bar advice. Messenger services like Yahoo or MSN comes at a later stage. Remember that you can correct emails before you send it out but messenger service is in 'real time'. Don't make a mistake and say the wrong thing and blow your chances.

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