Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 astrology zodiac forcast

Let's take a sneak peek at what may be in store for all you lovers out there. Is it going to be loveless or will you feel like flying.

Capricorn your love and sex life in 2008 is certainly going to be expansive. You are the celestial favorite all year long since Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth is in your sign providing extra special gifts and opportunities. Some of these will directly affect your love life as new people enter into your world, adding color and depth if you're single, and a favorable escalation period with that special someone if you're attached. Either way Capricorn, whether you're single or taken your key phrase this year is sure to be "lucky in love."

In 2008 Aquarius you will have so much going on in your love, sex and personal life that it's guaranteed to be nothing less than life altering. It will be more emotional for you than usual this year Aquarius so you will have to get used to a deeper level of soul searching when it comes to your sexual desires and intimacy requirements in relationship. This could be the lifetime turning point if you're at the marrying age.

In 2008 Pisces you will finally begin to draw a line in the sand when it comes to love and sex. Your relationships take on a more practical and steady feel as you recognize the importance of clear definitions for once. This year won't be easy Pisces, but in the end you will be rewarded with a renewed sense of structure and personal rules for what you require in love. Yes, the theme for your love forecast in 2008 is without a doubt learning how to play by the rules. The good news is that this year, you will make up your own that others follow.

Aries, you more than any other sign should be excited about the climactic promises of 2008. Over the past couple of years your sex life has been at best, hum drum and at worst, completely nonexistent thanks to Saturn, the planet of restriction, touring the area of sex and romance. Life has been dull but it's finally over and you're ready to play. In 2008 you're certain to become reacquainted with great sex. Whether you're single or in a relationship this year the name of your sex game is "making up for lost time".

Gemini, over the past several years you've hurdled though some of the most intense and transforming experiences we can have as sexual beings longing for love.
Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and renewal has been touring your sign of committed partnerships for a long time. Your view on relating has been forever changed. In 2008 the intensity of Pluto will finally leave, allowing for a true rebirth in your relationships. What's even more exciting is that this year Pluto will enter the area of sex and intimacy. Gemini, your sexual nature is going to reach new, erotic depths.

Cancer you are in for a major transitional year in 2008 in terms of love, sex, and relationship. The key to handling what is likely to come your way will be cultivating a fearless approach to intimacy. There will be lots that want you. You simply cannot be afraid to dig deep in 2008 Cancer because if you are, you'll be buried in overly dramatized sex and relationship intensity. We're not going to let this happen. This year, it's time to take control of your love life. Many of the other compatible stars see that you're the "right guy" for them.

Leo your love and sex life in 2008 is going to be either a dream come true or your worst nightmare turned into reality. It all depends on how you handle the energy of two major eclipses in the year which reflects on committed relationships. Looking for love may come too easy but holding on to it is something else.

This year Virgo your love and sex life continues to be full of chaos and surprises. Upheaval is your keyword in 2008. This is because Uranus, the planet of unexpected and sudden events, has been present in the area of partnerships for the past few years and is not leaving anytime soon. The good news is that your sex life and ability to have some fun in love is going to get better. So in 2008 surprise might actually be a good thing. Maybe staying playful is better this year.

Libra, in 2008 you are going to find that love and sex becomes a dramatic area of your life. As one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, this news should intoxicate you. However, at the same time don't underestimate the transcendental experiences your love and sexual life will cause this year. You may find too many suitors or if in a relationship, you find your partner not too willing because he/she is having problems of their own this year.

Scorpio in 2008 your love and sex life will continue to be full of ups and downs. Thanks to a continual presence of Uranus, sex and romance, the one area of your life that cannot be totally predicted in the coming year will be love and sex. As a Scorpio however, I can assure you of one thing. Erotic revolution. Just be brave to approach and not be shy. Take a chance.

Sagittarius your love and sex life could feel like someone has pressed the "pause" button as you begin 2008. Nothing seems to be flowing well. Tell your adventurous soul to relax however because it will not be the dominating theme of the year. In fact Sagittarius, it's more like a warm up, preparing you for what's to come in your love and sex life for 2008. The year might start out slow, but it will certainly end up hot and steamy.

Not going to state where I got these predictions but it did come partly from the Internet somewhere and the rest is my inclusions. These are basic and full in depth details are not included. Also, it's up to you to believe in the stars or not. Astrology has been around thousands of years till today. Still though, love supersedes all levels in the universe.

Bar advice. Nothing is set in stone. These things are just a glimpse of what can possibly happen. Peoples destiny and choices are made by themselves that either haunts them or helps them.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to the Taurus prediction???

Bar Advice said...

At least somone's paying attention. Taurus....not to worry. It's all good sexually