Monday, December 17, 2007

Are you looking forward to Christmas

That's the big question on a lot of people's minds. Are you looking forward to Christmas? The reply can vary but you'll be amazed by some of the answers. On of course is when someone lives in a desolate place or his country is not a large Christian community. The response would probably be, "what is Christmas"?

The sad thing is that it is true there will be a lot of people that would have gone through the whole day and not realize that Christmas had passed them. Take for example a man ploughing his field in India somewhere. He may have heard some commotion but never knew about the day. If you asked him he would probably tell you the Christmas is when he gets to feed his family and buffalo an extra portion of food.

Funny thing is we got a lot of people here also that don't seem to get into the whole spirit of the holidays. There's no real "cheer" in them. Sure, money is a problem but this is just one day. Your money problems were throughout the year. Don't blame it on that. Sometimes health issues play a part. Fair, but is it too difficult to pray for your own health. Not in the same religion. Now this we can understand but wouldn't you like others to also be happy during your holiday period? There's a lot of excuses but we got answers for them as well. Nobody can force you but the advice is yours to be taken freely.

In the homes we find some families have difficulties with brothers or fathers being in gangs or drugs. It's hard to keep a nice family unit together. There may be some that have distance themselves form religion because they may have had a tragedy like a member of the home died suddenly or terribly. Blame is placed and so on. Some blame God for their failed marriages or divorce which involves the kids. They don't seem to see themselves as a factor in the problem. Neither do the see Jesus as a solution.

I don't normally write about religion but because there's been so much bloodshed, war and major national disasters around the world, I thought I should add something in black and white and in turn it may just touch someone. That someone may reconcile and head back to church or at least make their life better. Blaming God for all the things that we do out of fear, stupidity and greed is not going to change anything.

One last point. The holidays effect a lot of people that are having relationship problems. Those that are not even talking, living under the same roof and have kids; really ought to sort it out. Why make yourself and all unhappy on this day that's suppose to be about peace and joy. You're an idiot! This is the time to work out old pains, hurts and anger with those we love or know. Put the children first. Be a kid for a day. Make yourself Santa and see peoples eyes light up at the sheer sight of you. This should be the way daily. Men and women making excuses about their relationship issues should remember that we're thought to forgive and be merciful to each other. Take that first step to a happy Christmas.

Bar advice. The bar itself should have a bit of eggnog and people being happy to celebrate the big guys birthday.

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