Monday, November 12, 2007

Sexual aura

There's this really strange, mystical and invisible aura that surrounds those that are projecting their sexual side. People, both men and women, all have it but there are those that just have it a little more than others.

A lot of these unique individuals don't even realize that they are doing anything out of the ordinary. Have you ever sensed everyone looking at you when you enter a room? Most women have some sort of natural radar so to speak, that tells them a guy is paying 'extra' attention to her. There are times also where she will feel uncomfortable when someone she doesn't fancy is eyeing her. The one that that really gets to me sometimes is when her modesty button kicks in and she tries not to make eye contact with a guy but she make like him. What's that all about? If you like someone you should indicate so. Playing hard to get can end up making you and old maid.

Guys on the other hand are totally different. Since prehistoric days women seem to be more attentive to the 'brute'. If the guy is macho and personifies a tough, strong image then he's probably going to be with a lot of girls. The women that want this sort of guys will only wish that he's got a sensitive side as well. How are they suppose to take him to see mummy if he's doesn't?

Some women like the guy a little timid because they don't like domineering guys. Some prefer chubby fellows because they feel that he won't be too attractive to other women. Guys also like women less pretty so that their chances are higher in getting her. Lot of guys also feel that someone less attractive will not have too much wants and needs. Both women and men who have trouble getting a partner are more prone to living a single life than marrying someone they are not sure about.

The thing about the sexual aura is that the individual must desire for another person to enter their life. You don't go putting on your nice clothes, combing your hair, wearing nice shoes and go out only to come home to your parents house and family dog, right? When you're putting yourself out there for the whole world to see, you got to 'want' someone to take notice. Flirt a little if necessary. Make eye contact. Flaunt what you got. Make someone take notice to the point that the other person really wants to know you better. You need to focus on your 'intention' of getting someone in your life and only than can it happen.

There are lot of individuals out there that know this little 'secret' already. They just have it and they use this sexual aura to their favour. It's easy for them to be able to get anyone they want. Some women can make men turn their heads even if the guy is walking on the street with another woman. Guys can bring out a smile from a girl on the other side of the room and flirt with her twenty feet away with her not taking her eyes off him. The power of this sexual aura can also be sensed by the same gender at that present moment. By this I mean that another woman or man can sense that energy off the person that is personifying it.

Let me advice you further. These individuals are normally envied by others because other people want that type of charisma but don't seem to posses it. They look at movie stars and singers and long for that sort of life. They slog and work their jobs and feel depressed that they have no one to come home to. Their self esteem becomes low as well.

All this can change with just one simple magic rule. Those that possess this work it very well and lots of times they don't try hard anymore because they know it works for them. Even than it works when their no even trying. What is it? I said before, the individual must focus with the 'intention' of what they want. They can than get anyone they put their mind to. What you put out will return with a flood of those who have the same 'intentions' as well. You may be surprised that you'll have too many to handle after that. Just imagine than try it.

Bar advice. Loosen up. What have you got to loose? Doesn't matter what age you are. It works for all.

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