Thursday, November 29, 2007

Relationships, lies and trust

Relationships are social connections, associations and affiliations between people. They vary in levels of depth and cover different aspects such as friendship, family, lovers relationship and marriage. Regardless of the different kinds of relationship which a person plays in a social entity, conflicts may arise and can strain a relationship. Trust is an important element in maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship. Conflicts normally arise due to the betrayal of trust. Whenever there is a conflict, parties may resort to accusations, harsh words and insults on each other which may eventually lead to emotional stress.

Trust is the pillar which supports relationships. Lies bring about distrust and suspicion in relationships. Lies should be taken seriously because for every time a lie is told, the level of trust will drop and create more and more suspicion between parties. Eventually, the person who tells the lies will lose their credibility and this will strain the relationship. My relationship advice in today’s modern society of heightened stress and competition is, lies are inevitable and serve as a convenient tool to evade trouble and protect oneself. Basically a white lie is a false escape. However, this form of convenience is exchanged with the reduction in trust. A person who has his trust misplaced before may have difficulty trusting people again. Therefore, with regards of relationship, once there is zero trust between both parties, this relationship has failed. Honesty is the best policy!

The most powerful tool is words but also the most destructive weapon in the world. Words can be in the form of praise and compliment but also a weapon that can hurt and leave an emotional scar in a person. When it comes to relationship, hurtful remarks and insults being hurled on a person in the fit of anger during conflicts can deeply affect the person’s psychological and emotional state. The impact of these words can be further intensified especially when it come out from a person who you are closely attached to.

The emotional effect may heal over time but it can also change a person’s perception of humanity and relationships permanently. Sometimes it has the power to drive people to same sex relationships because of the intense pain inflicted at an early age by someone they loved. They may have been cheated upon. Maybe made to be humiliated or there was also physical abuse.

In conclusion, trust and words are closely related to each other in a relationship. Lies don't fit anywhere. Any incorrect management of the first two important elements can strain a relationship. Anger management, character building and emotional stress management are crucial to prevent conflicts and handle any aftermath of failed relationships. Therefore, one should not take things to be granted and learn to cherish relationships.

Bar advice. Connecting with each other is already hard enough. Deception and the lack of trust will bring the relationship to it's knees.

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