Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How sexy do you want to be?

Most women look at the magazines on the shelves at stores and supermarkets, or at least the covers, and wish that they looked like those girls. Some actually believe that is what all the sexy women look like in real life. Some are so obsessed with the methods the models or celebrities use that their health is placed in danger.

It's great to be hot and have a lot of guys come after you and such but if you're obtaining that physic by unhealthy methods that can harm you or even cause death, than you're going down a dark and deadly path. We've all heard about how models starve themselves, have bulimia or are anorexic. These stories are just that, stories. People tell themselves that everything will be fine but it only sinks in when a friend or relative dies from it. A lot of women live lives that are a far cry from being thin and are very successful, have lots of men and live a healthy lifestyle. Take Tyra Banks for example. She used to be on all the covers and runways for the world, still does sometimes, but she never did all the crazy stuff to hurt herself to become thin. Maybe for some people it's a bit more natural being thin but others have a hard time.

Sexiness can also be the brightness of a girls smile. Her pouting lips like Angelina Jolie. Maybe even curves like Queen Latiffa. Women can enhance their looks with the right makeup on. Trust me I've seen some girls plaster on a ton of make up that they look worse than the clown, Ronald McDonald. You wouldn't want to see them in a dark alleyway at night. You'll mistake them for a ghost.

Lingerie is also something that can bring out that sexy, naughty vibe in you. Women think it's all superficial. They fail to realize that men can sniff out the confidence of a sexy chick. It's built in nature for them. Just remember that many women around the world all look different. Many have the whole sexy, beauty, stylish package. Others just have to deal with the "Ugly Betty" package that they got when God was handing out looks. Remember, the show "Ugly Betty" is all about this superficial world and what it takes to overcome those obstacles.

Last but not least. Wake up from the dream state you're in if you are thinking that you're going to change over night. Your face and body is who you are. Say cheers to all the beautiful women out there but say a cheer for yourself even if you don't make the "cut". I notice that women tend to check out other women. Not sexually, well some do, but just to see if they measure up to them or the other way around. A woman will not feel threaten if she's in the company of another that isn't giving out the overly sexy and hot vibe that will make her seem insignificant.

Women are always competing with others to be beautiful, to be hot looking, sexy and more but let me go back to emphasise that the key to all of this is the "confidence" you personify that will make you sparkle better than a diamond. Those that are blessed with their looks and bodies sometimes find it a curse that they have to keep up the image or be criticized. This can bring depression and self destruction to some. Look at people like Merilyn Monroe, Karen Carpenter or worst of all Anna Nicole Smith. Dead and gone. Is that going to be you too?

Bar Advice. Keeping a healthy life style, exercise and a attitude with confidence will make you feel so much better that you won't be bothered with the whole image business.

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gale said...

more women need to read your blog, and especially this post! i love this niche and discuss it heavily on my blog as well. it was a great experience stumbling into your blog on this huge web, so stay in touch!