Sunday, October 7, 2007


I've been kind of busy lately. Haven't had the time to do my blog but that's life. If we did have time for all the things that we liked to do then we must either be filthy rich or or living in a fantasy world. There's many aspects of time. As an example, there's day/night time, lifetime, earth time and cosmic time.

I'll only talk about the lifetime and day/night time. What is it about time that either makes or breaks us. We all heard the saying,"time waits for no man". Well it's the truth, isn't it? In fact it waits for no man, woman or child. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye. We may even find ourselves staring death in the face. We say we were "lucky" when nothing happens but we say it was "fated" when it is that particular moment in time.

Must people don't have much time on earth. Things can go seriously wrong and we find that we haven't spent enough time with a love one. If, for example, we're told by a doctor that we only had weeks to live due to some medical problem, what do you do? We start to realize that the people we take for granted will no longer be around. If you're the dying one won't you be thinking that all these others will be around after you've gone. Where will you be heading to? Heaven? What did you do that makes you so sure that you'll get in? Now the mind starts to wonder about these things.

Suddenly you see that all those small annoying things don't seem to bother you anymore. It can be a hot scorching day, a flat tyre, bird droppings on your shoulder, a fungus on your toe, a bee sting on your ass or a freaking pimple on your nose; it wouldn't bother because you'd rather have it then not be around to feel it. You'll start to enjoy life with passion and embrace every moment of it instead of complaining like before. Thinking back, you see that your whole life you were wining about the smallest of difficulties or when you didn't get what you wanted or even your way. Now you see with clearer eyes but it's too late?

Next, who you love and who loves you. Should they? What makes you so darn special? Did you show love to family members or were you too damn busy making money to care? Will friends surround your coffin with tears in their eyes or will they throw a party to celebrate the fact that you're out of their hair? Are you selfish? Kind? Helpful and thoughtful of others? Generous? Spiritual? What means can you be measured upon?

Time can stand still for some. Example would be those in a coma. It's like suspended animation but will anyone be there if you woke up. What determines you as a human being that is worthy of the love and friendship of others is the fact that we all must remember that time and life is short. To be remembered, loved, cherished and missed by others is the measurement we have versus the time we have spent here. Who doesn't want to live a long life? What we do with it is a different story.

Bar advice. Don't waste too much time focusing on trivial issues. Time is ticking.

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