Monday, October 15, 2007

Sexy confidence

If you're wondering how to improve your sex life or how to even get one, there's a simple answer that may surprise you. The desirability factor has very little to do with how you look on the outside, and a whole lot to do with how you feel on the inside. Believe it or not, confidence, the sort that comes from comfort in yourself and who you are as well as your sexuality; is the best tool for seduction.

Beyond the celebrities we all find sexy in countless grocery store magazines, to whom, in real life, do you find yourself drawn? Most likely, it's people who smile easily, who aren't afraid to meet your gaze, who move with effortless grace and feel comfortable in their own skin. It's the confident people, not necessarily those we find physically perfect, who draw us in. Feeling good about yourself signals potential partners that not only are easy to be around, but are probably great in bed.

A genuinely confident person however, who knows what they want in and out of the sack. On that note, sexually confident people tend to have a certain degree of integrity, sexually speaking. In other words, while a cocky individual, someone whose bravado screams look at me, look at me, but whose demeanor indicates their self esteem is faux; may be less than giving when getting some. The confident individual cares not just about their own pleasure but about their partner's as well. Sex, after all, is reciprocal. Oftentimes, the better your partner feels, the better you feel about yourself. Basically, confidence exudes warmth, energy and passion.

The first step to sexual confidence is getting to know your own body, your own desires and how to accommodate them. We all got fantasies. How we use them plays a major role in life itself. Remember that what you put out is what you're going to receive in return. So, being warm and friendly, kind and courteous, unafraid to give a compliment when deserved and grateful for all that you have just as you are now will draw those same things to you. Likewise, when you bask in your own sex appeal easily, without becoming obvious about it, you'll become a magnet for exactly the types of people you want to attract. Those who will make you feel even better about yourself while you do the same for them.

Bar advice. Go look at yourself in a mirror. If you like what you see and feel, great. If not, and you want better, get off your ass and do something about it. Just waiting for a miraculous change won't do it.

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